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Google Music Top 10 albums and songs - Nov. 27, 2011


Yep, the fact that they have Drake, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z in "top albums" just shows me that people just listen to whatever is "cool" and whatever is trending this week/month...

Yup, because it just isn't possible for someone to have different taste than you or the next guy. Get over yourself.

This could definitely use some more metal. I was kinda hoping that Black Tusk would get some more exposure after being on the recommended list.

Well yeah, it is. Thanks for the observation. Music's always gonna lead to that, just like people talking about what phone is best. It's just more polarizing in the music realm than it is most other places.

As somebody who listens to Metal every day, I've never heard of that band before! And judging by their songs on MySpace, that's a good thing!

As somebody who listens to metal every day (and also writes about it) I dig them. And metal's such a varied genre to the point where every metalhead's like a brutal-ish snowflake: they're all different.

But back on course, I'm also not knocking AC for posting about what's selling the most on Google Music. I think it's actually interesting to see if music purchases would change between techies and the general population and to see how its adopted throughout the smartphone realm.

This is the kind of non-Android stuff that's going to make me stop subscribing to the Android Central RSS feed.

I'm interested in Android stuff, not a list of top songs.

I agree.

I popped open my market app, tapped Music, hit top Albums, CHECK, tapped top Songs, CHECK.

Phil's post was dead on perfect. He got all of them right. Copy, Paste, Done.

Next week: Top selling books from the android market. EXTRA! Extra!: Top Movie Rentals!!!

Anyone can check this list any time they want from any android device.
So why do we need an article about this?

why stop there - how about top free apps and paid apps. This article really has no value except to help seo and click through.

Were you stamping your feet and holding your breath when you wrote that? Grow the eff up, don't click the link if it has no interest to you. AC covers a variety of things, not just things YOU think are interesting. I swear some of you people make the Apple fanbois look intelligent.

Pretty sure Phil just wanted to:
A. Show off the ICS Screen on his new Galaxy Nexus
B. Show how easy screen captures are


You took the words off my fingers lol, I bet all the panty-bunched people that commented didn't even notice that the screen cap was ICS.

And I actually find that these posts are very helpful, I don't check the Market very often so if I see a post about new market ventures I see as interesting I'll go there.

People need to just ignore an article if it doesn't sound interesting to me. I'm tired of seeing all these posts about the nexus is being released by verizon. I personally don't care, I want a T-mo nexus that was meant for T-mo, but you don't see me complain on every single post that annoys me saying it annoys me.

Get over yourselves, you're not the only readers here.

"I bet all the panty-bunched people that commented didn't even notice that the screen cap was ICS."

As if I haven't seen enough screenshots of ICS so far. Duh. This post wasn't to show off ICS, it was to meet some kind of quota, and it wasn't an Android-related post.

I'm quite over myself, thanks. Obviously, there are many who agree with me here.

If you really have that big a problem with a single post out of the more than 100 posts we publish every week, I suggest you simply don't click on it.

I think it's interesting to see what's charting in the Android Market now that it's selling music -- and I agree it needs more metal. Start buying, folks. :p

Maybe it's just me, but is suggesting that people don't click on articles the best idea? I could conceivably see that leading to some people deciding to find another Android blog to follow, to the exclusion of AC, and then AC loses.

Funny, I didn't even notice this post before I posted my reply above. Glad we agree on all accounts. Definite +1s all across the board.

This is going to do nothing but create "This music sucks. Mine is much better!" comments every week.

And like others said, this post adds no substance to the subject at hand. Copy + paste ftw

Lol they got one good album on there...Rolling Stones ftw. Yeah, they just started so I don't expect any good music to actually make it up on there. I was surprised they didn't have Metallica too, but they'd probably jack up their prices, which is another surprising expensive albums and songs are.
Anyways, I'm glad that Phil posts this up, it helps me because I never go into the music portion of the market too often ;)

Its a once a week post. I'd prefer a once a month or never post about top music. I'm here for what's new in android, its applications, and developments; I'm not here for what are people listening to. I don't mind if its not excessive postings.

Since a list of top music (no matter where it's purchased) is not Android related - Yes!

This is an Android blog, not a music popularity blog. Further, if you really are interested in this content, you can see an even more up to date version directly on your own handset, by pulling up the same content that the editors copied and pasted.

Took me a min AC still has logging issues. Outa of all those bands only a couple I new. I see no issue with phil or AC posting this.

Why is everyone acting so funky about the music?! I personally believe this is android related. Since all these songs can be purchased through your android market. You DONT have to click this article, no one is forcing you to. And its only once a week. Take a chill pill guys.

How is "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes" not on this list? Oh that's right, this is a list of shitty music.

To all the whiny little people that took the time to not only click the link, then read the post THEN comment about the waste of bits and time it was to do so... Just slap yourselves until you feel numb.

I love that 'we found love' has Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris. Its the other way round, because he actually did everything else except turn up, sing 3 or 4 lines as required, and go home again.

At the end of the day, this site is about Android developments, news, and also the community that we have created as fans of it. Anything that relates to Google or one of it's products (as in the new Google Music portion of the Android Market) is up for discussion. While, in my unprofessional opinion, feel that Jay-Z is the only artist worth any value of all those listed above, it is interesting to see what those who are using Google Music are buying. If you feel that these posts or any that are on this site add no value to your day, the power of choice is yours to move on.