Google is rolling out 'Favorite Places on Google' which is essentially a program that'll send window decals to 100,000 local businesses in the US that have basically been the most searched on Google. It's a cool idea if you think about it, a type of status symbol that local businesses can strive for. A QR code will be displayed on the storefront which will allow users to scan via their Android Phone (and others) and take you directly to the business' 'Place Page'. There you'll find reviews, coupons, and the option to even leave your own review. If you see the QR code, you know you've stumbled across a good thing.

Basically, Google is helping us determine and learn what the hottest spots around us are. We think it's a great idea. What about you?

Hit the jump to see Favorite Places on Google in action!

[official google blog]


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Google Introduces Favorite Places


The boys at Google may be supplanting the boys from Microsoft as the kings of tech innovation and marketing. I am extremely impressed with the Android system and the Google technology that is available currently and in coming months. This Favorite Place thing is a great idea that will tie Google more directly into the marketplace and bring the marketplace more diretly into Google. Great idea. Very impressive.

From my limited experience with my Droid phone and the Android/Google system, I think there is now (or soon will be) a valid and significant rival to the iPhone empire.

I see that this will be a real boon to me when I am traveling. I should be able to search for a restaurant that is recognized in a city that I am visiting. It will probably help me find a good meal for myself and my guests.

I am concerned whether this will reduce competition locally, however. Will new businesses find it harder to compete when there is an entrenched and widely recognized selection of restaurants who have a free form of publicity to attract customers? At a time when discretionary spending is becoming more limited, will this app take away a selection of people with money to spend? (You have to have some $$ to pay monthly for a smartphone.)

You can argue that it is doing the same thing that Yelp and other applications are already doing. Maybe so. But Google's outreach is much more pervasive in the marketplace.

How will they determine who will get the magic sticker? Can a business request one? Can you nominate your favorite plumber or hardware store? Will all McDonalds or Taco Bells automatically get one? Will a restaurant in a small town that attracts a higher percentage of the local population be able to compete with a pizzaria in a large urban area?

We'll see how it plays out?


I have my Droid.

I'm now sitting here staring at a decal in this restaurant. (For real!)

What app do I use???

How do I scan it???