Google Maps gets a bugfix update

 Google Goggles

Aside from the other updates Google has been making available, they've also set everyone up with a new version of Google Goggles, bringing the app up to version 1.7. In this version, they've add some new features to make the experience better:

  • Continuous Mode allows you to use Goggles without pressing the shutter button
  • Goggles can recognize text in a document and return a link to its online version. Try it on your favorite newspaper!
  • You can help Goggles recognize more objects. Tap on 'Do you have a better suggestion' in the Goggles results page.
  • Google Goggles will now show user submitted results in the search results page.

The continuous mode should be a great addition for anyone who uses Google Goggles a lot and the text recognition is just awesome, try it out for yourself -- pretty impressive! You'll find the download link past the break.

Also, Google Maps got itself a little bugfix, too. Go get 'em!


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Google Goggles reaches v1.7 - Adds continuous mode and user submitted results


Continuous Mode reminds me of those movies with the android that can look at things and it scans it and gives background info. Pretty Cool getting the update now.