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One of our biggest gripes about Android apps has been a lack of consistent changelogs when apps are updated. Some developers did it, but they often did it in different ways. Some did it in the apps, others as links to webpages.

But Google has finally (!) added a proper changelog dialog for developers to use when updating their apps. You can check out the back end after the break -- it's just a box in which to enter text -- and you see the how it looks in a market summary above.

It's a welcome change. Now you devs just be sure to use it! [Android Market] Thanks, Jesta!

Android app changelog

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SteveEdson says:

Standard text in the description for now, and a proper section in the gingerbread market? I hope so...

image2nv says:

We should rate apps low when developers don't use it (1 star).

kzibart says:

Either your su permissions pop-up is covering what you were trying to show in that screen shot, or my Market app shows it differently. I see changes listed in light gray down with the number of downloads and rating details, between the description and the screen shots. EVO stock ROM.

That's different. See the second screen shot.

yOOsh3474 says:

Actually I saw this change before on a couple of apps in the market.. check the appbrain app (the changelog is shown in gray within parentheses)

N1 Stock Froyo.

kzibart says:

Maybe some developers just put a summary of the changes along with the version number. Check out Titanium Backup as another example where the changes are listed in gray down with the version number. I do see changes listed as the screen shots show on other apps.

kenyee says:

About bloody time. I've been running out of space in my Studio Buddy app putting in a change list and I've had to remove parts of the description to get it to fit sometimes :-P

crxssi says:

Lame! Why is it not in a separate section? It shouldn't be thrown into "Description" :(

At least it is a step (finally) in the right direction