Just last month we wrote that Google Navigation was made available to all U.S. devices currently running Android 1.6. Those of you outside of America pretty much were shut out until XDA-Developers ported the app to work outside the states. Unfortunately, Google has shut that route down ... at least for the time being.

This reminds more than a bit of the back and forth between Apple and jailbreakers (or even more so with Palm). But never fear, as the crafty folks over at XDA-Developers are hard at work trying to figure a way around the block. The bad news is that it may be awhile before a resolution is reached, and they are recommending you update your Navigation app to version 3.3.0.

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Google Blocks International Use of Hacked Navigation


If google is touting how open android is and how an open os system is better then the rest, why would they block something? Seems to go against exactly what they are saying, an open system is better because you can tweak it, so what's the issue, that they didn't release and others did?

Except Google Maps is not open source, it is their privately owned I.P.

This technically has nothing to do with Android which is a separate entity from Google Maps.

As much as I don't LIKE the idea, I am all for a company being able to control what it developed.