There are reports that users who have uploaded Cupcake onto their G1's are not being allowed access to the Android Market. So if you're running Cupcake, chances are you won't get any access to applications. And here we thought Google and Android were the good guys.

At first, it seemed as if those running Cupcake on their Android devices wouldn't run into any problems but as more and more people started to port over the Cupcake update, Google apparently took notice. They reportedly shut down access to Android Market for Cupcake users to deter further upgrading. Supposedly this is affecting the 'G' build of Cupcake for now, the 'H' build still has access.

We think it's incredibly lame of Google and Android to ban certain users from accessing Android Market. In the name of all things open-source, we thought we had free reign with our devices. More importantly, if Google didn't delay this Cupcake launch--we wouldn't even be having this problem.

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Google Blocks Cupcake Users From Android Market


would you please read first what "open source" means?

it doesn't mean you can do what you want. nope.

we thought we had free reign with our devices

Symbian is open source. Can you do with that whatever you want? no.
open source = you can look at the source code. What else is allowed is defined by the actual open source license (and there are dozens if not hundreds, just like there are thousands of closed source licenses). Also, you signed a contract when you got the G1 from t-mobile, and when you buy a device, you also accept the licensing for the software used on that devices. Yes open source software still has a license.

it doesn't make any difference if the system is open source or not, zero.

Why are news on this site always with such a bad attitude? We have a T-Mobile G1 at work, which is used as a betatest device for new updates. It has Android 1.5 for several weeks already.

There are nice features and the UI definitly looks better. But please Google and T-Mobile fix all those bugs before releasing it. There is absolutely no need for hurry. Android 1.1 works fine and I (as an application developer) would hate to fix around several bugs for several versions.

They are not trying to annoy you, but software simply needs time to become good.

Personally I think they're doing it to protect market applications. This is an unofficial firmware release, meaning it *could* break the protection paid apps have and open up those apps for piracy. Block the market on the unofficial firmware, problem solved. (which btw, I'm totally fine with)

Well, as long as the H build could still access the market... I'm cool. Why not make the G build identify itself the same way that the H build identifies itself?

It seems G build still has SOME access to market. I'm getting like an app every few hours. I just leave them in my queue and it happens every so often. I haven't tried buying new ones though. I could get already bought and free apps this way.

Details of the Moto Morrison are unknown. From the image above it looks like the Morrison will be a slider-type device. Unlike devices like the Palm Pre, the Morrison looks to continue the horizontal slider trend of Android devices. Other than that, we know pretty much nothing about the Morrison. If these release dates are to be believed, you can expect the Morrison to be available during the holiday season.

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