Google's head developer advocate Reto Meier has introduced a new series of online courses to get you started writing Android apps. The Android Fundamentals online training course is being offered by Udacity, and along with Meier and developer advocates Dan Galpin and Katherine Kuan, is designed for folks new to Android or even mobile development, but have the basics of programming covered.

The free courses (there are paid options as well) offers step-by-step training where you can learn best practices of mobile app development, and Android practices in particular. Everything you need to get started, including the videos, quizzes and forums, is free and students interested in diving deeper can enroll in Udacity's full program.

If you're interested in writing Android apps, this looks like a great place to get started. See the source link below for all the information.

Source: Android Developers blog


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Google and Udacity want to teach you to be a great Android developer


Yep the course is free but you have to sign up for the free trial, add your CC information and be set up on a subscription rate of $150 per month. Yeah, I would love to take the course but not at that rate.

No. You don't. You only have to subscribe if you want an official cert and support. The content on Udacity is always free.

They want you to pay them, but you don't have to. I've taken multiple courses with them without paying a dime. It's a bit confusing because they don't make it obvious that you can take the course without subscribing but it's true.

OK. I went in and looked at their courses. Instead of clicking on 'Start Free Trial' click on 'View Courseware'. The latter gives you access to the lectures etc.

No. You just watch the videos. You probably got steered into something with clever marketing but you dont need a credit card.

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The wording on the site can be a bit confusing and something we're working on correcting. "View Courseware" is the button you're looking for if you just want to view the lessons and do the exercises. The "free trial" link, that it sounds like you clicked is a two week free trial including our other services (coaching, course projects and certification).

As others have mentioned - our courseware, for all courses is free. A credit card only need be provided for those additional services.

Click on the source link:

"The full course materials — all the videos, quizzes, and forums — are available for free for all students by selecting “View Courseware”. Personalized ongoing feedback and guidance from Coaches is also available to anyone who chooses to enroll in Udacity’s guided program."