Networking equipment manufacturer Cisco has announced that it's entered into a "long-term patent cross-licensing agreement" with Google covering "a broad range of products and technologies." Aside from the obvious benefits involved in each company having a license to the other's patents, the deal is intended to reduce the risk of future lawsuits by keeping IP out of the hands of patent trolls. In today's news release Google Deputy General Counsel for Patents Allen Lo is quoted as saying "Our agreement with Cisco will reduce the potential for litigation, letting us focus instead on building great new products."

The news comes hot on the heels of a similar agreement between Google and key Android partner Samsung. Google also held onto Motorola's patent portfolio following its agreement to sell of the smartphone maker to Chinese firm Lenovo.

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Google and Cisco enter patent cross-licensing agreement


Another one?

Speaking of numbers I'm first.


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My friendly neighbour who is well-connected to important sources has "hinted" that MDS9200 will now come with stock AOSP.

Google Now inside enterprise-class routers!


Could this be the first edge of a landslide of patent agreements to shut down the trolls and put the kibosh on the patent wars?

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I certainly do hope so.

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it would be the second i think, but THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!! Anything to put apple / rockstar into the grave would be great!! I am wondering if in these deals that google seems to be focusing on, can they allow their partners access to the patents as well? If cicso has a patent that can help Samsung lets say, wonder if google will be able to grant them rights.

Sounds like Google is battening down the hatches for something and making sure it can resist a lawsuit (or win one) if needed...

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I thought it was with the rapper who sings the thong song. Disappointed it's not.

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This could only mean that Google is about to sell chromecast to Belkin

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Or that Google will continue to sell chromecasts after they were determined to be violating Cisco patents... That makes more sense to me.

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Sounds like Google realizes that they can't go it alone any more. Should be another good step.

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Good, google is smart signing all of these deals. See apple this is what you should do instead of just running and constantly living in the courtrooms. Hope google keeps this up and can only help android/chrome/google in the long haul.

Agreed. Maybe, we'll see Google finally reach an agreement with Apple and the Rockstar Consortium?

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I know thats the "right thing" to do but c'mon... would we all just love to see them go on the offensive just a LITTLE? i hate all the legal BS, but Apple and rockstar deserve a taste of their own medicine.

Yeh maybe just maybe this will cut out so many lawsuits and therefor equal better products for us the consumers :-)


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You go sit in the corner and think about what you just said.(in my eahinsrichsen voice) lol!!

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Cisco offers collaboration, conferencing, networking including optical networking, and unified communications so it will be interesting to see just what areas Google is interested in , if not all.

I can see them taking advantage of Cisco's networking and collaboration functions among them.
Better web meetings, conference calling, and messaging services could really help Google especially in the business enterprise area.

looks like google is starting a federation. that should help them go up against the borg... i mean apple.