All of you privacy fiends out there will appreciate this one. In the Android Market's latest update, Google has added the option to remove yourself from targeted ads.

It's a small gesture, but definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you're one who values privacy. I never click on AdMob ads (unless by accident), but it's nice to be able to control your experience a bit more. This isn't getting rid of all ads but, rather, "interest-based ads" that are targeted specifically for you.

We can't do much about your creepy browsing habits. But at least this way, when the fedora-clad men all come to our doors, they won't know I prefer the Xoom to the Galaxy Tab. Thanks, Chris!


Reader comments

Google adds opt-out to ad targeting in Market


This is why silent updates are bad. A huge percentage of users will never even know this exists. It shouldn't be hard for G to add a small one time popup after an update. If Titanium Backup can do it, Google should be able to have the Market do it.

There are alot of things that Google should advertise or push but doesn't. A little off topic but I saw an article yge other day of how much the ipad2 has out sold the xoom. It doesn't help that apple pretty much has their own pavilion at bestbuy and the xoom is shoved in the corner between 2 laptops!! I went there specifically to check it out and had to ask 2 employees and look for 15 minutes to find it. There are millions of things android does that the average consumer will never know about at this rate. Its getting sad and a little pathetic.

I have a rooted Fascinate and I got the update. Just open the market, push the home key, and let it sit for like an hour and it'll get around to update. At least that's what I've had to do every time I wipe my phone and get stuck with the old market.