A quick update to the Gmail app tonight brings about a couple changes. First off is that Google has brought back the delete option by default, alongside the archive button. (Previously you had to turn that back on in the settings.) Also listed is "tap sender images to select multiple e-mails in the conversation list," but we've been doing that for a little while now, right? Plus, the requisite bugfixes. 

Not a huge update, but any update to the Gmail app is an important one. Head on over and set things right.


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Gmail update brings the delete option back by default


Yeah didn't even know why they took it out in the first place and had to put it in the menu. It was kinda less convenient.

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Good! They never should have hidden the delete option. It's still an issue though that the action bar is at the top! It was much better on the bottom, easier to reach with one hand on larger screen devices.

Yeah, at first I wondered why folks got so upset about them moving it to the top because of the ability to delete from the notification. Then I got the update and realized just how often I actually DO delete from the message itself and how annoying it is to have to reach up to the top.

You were always able to do it from the app you were just not smart enough to figure it out.
Good luck in life!

Nope actually you weren't able to. The app pretended like you were able to do it, but even when you "delteed" it on your phone it would still be in your trash on your desktop Gmail. It's fixed now though.

I bet Andrew is already working on his videos and 5 different blogs to tell us what Phil just told us in 2 paragraphs.

That took a while, i got the update yesterday. And it still sucks that you just can't have both buttons and select the action for swiping or the notification one because if you select show both by default the option for swipe/notifications is Archive and that bothers me a lot

Slight gripe for me since the new UI. You used to be able to long press to select one message, then multi select all the others by just tapping anywhere on them, not just the picture. Its a bit broken now.

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Aw man, I just installed the (not so anymore) latest inverted Gmail... Wonder if the zip will work with this update?

How about some on-screen text or pop-up to explain what each button does? I recently switched from an HTC 8X and I can't for the life of me figure out what all the buttons do.

Just hold the buttons down and a pop up tells you what each button does

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@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the post.

Google is very active always about their software update whether the update is too small or big. Keep it up Google.

Thanks in Advance

One thing they didn't do that I wish they had is to de-link the settings for displaying delete/archive and the swipe action in the conversation list. I'd like for the archive and delete buttons to both be displayed and to have the default swipe action to be delete. There is currently no way to do this.

It'd be nice to have emails automatically marked as read if you archive/delete them from the notification. Right now if I get an email and archive it right from the notification (which I'd like to do for a lot of emails I'm not interested in reading), the email is still marked as unread in my all mail folder, which I'm not a fan of.

Unfortunately, they still haven't fixed the problem with the Move To function that was introduced in the last update. When I'm done reading a message, my normal procedure would be to tap Move To, and then the label where I want to file it. That should set the label, and also Archive the message to remove it from the inbox.

What actually happens is that the message disappears from my inbox on my phone, but when I view my Gmail inbox in a desktop browser or an IMAP client, the message is still there. This means I have to move it again whenever I look at the non-mobile view.

The only way to avoid this problem seems to be to hit Menu -> Change Labels, select the desired label, hit OK, and then tap Archive on the menu bar - that's five taps instead of two. (First-world problems, I know...)

Now, if only they would bring up a select all feature so that you could delete all of them without having to tap each single email!

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