Gmail 2.3.2

The changes that came along with the latest update to the Gmail app are pretty substantial.  Google seems to have listened to the users, and gave us the two things we've been whining asking about the most -- decent priority inbox support, and sending from another address.  And they managed to pull it off without slowing down the app, which is pretty damn important if you ask me. 

The one drawback?  This is only available for Android 2.2 or higher.  We're seeing a lot of that, and we're bound to see more as Google updates its core applications to their 2.3 versions.  That's called progress, folks.  You can't stop it.  Hit the jump, and see it in action. 


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Gmail 2.3.2 changes [video]


Finally I can edit the original and respond in-line in a reply. Only other thing I need is good attachment handling. Just let me save any attachment anywhere on the SD card and specify filename please!

You may have done this already, but just in case, you need to turn on Priority Inbox in Gmail. Through the full site select Settings>Priority Inbox>Turn on. It will walk you through a little configuration and your done. It should be available in the app now.

I don't have those extra features on my D1..
I an running 2.2.1 on my D1..
Did I miss something when I updated to the 2.3.2 update?

I also updated to the 2.3.2 version of Gmail on my G2, running 2.2, and I also do not have the extra features highlighted in the video.

I am not pleased with the fact that now, when I open Gmail, it automatically opens the newest (read or unread) message. Is there a setting that I am missing to change this?


I don't see the difference between inline replies and regular ones. Gmail threads your emails either way. Unless I'm missing something specific.

Here goes nothing....I have the latest version of Froyo 2.3.340 running on my phone. I have updated the Gmail app to the newest version I think it's 2.3.2 and I'm missing all the priority email settings, I dont even have the new button layout but I have all the other things. Any solutions???

When is pinch/zoom coming to Gmail!?!?!? I HATE having to scroll through HTML emails!

every other phone has p/z in their email.. it's quite unacceptable that none of the Google email clients have p/z

I, too, am only getting about half the features. My buttons are still dark grey and I definitely don't have the "important" button on my update.

Anyone else on the Droid X that have or don't have this problem??

Also having the same problem, no priority inbox option??? DINC.
Any thoughts on why this dosen't work Jerry??

Gmail will handle files on your AZ. Just add free "File Sender" which is in the Market. I down loaded it & looked for it only to discover it added capability to Gmail.

Looks cool. I've never messed with the Priority Inbox stuff, but it sounds useful.

One somewhat off-topic note: Please ditch the bass-heavy background music, it's headache-inducing. :( Video reviews or explanations don't need background music, IMO.

For all of you missing the priority inbox....
go to your desktop and open Gmail. Click settings and turn on priority inbox. Everything should then fall into place. BTW you will have to do this for each acct you have. Good luck It worked for me

Running the D1 and 2.2.1

Is this the same mail program that comes with android, just a newer version? When does the update get pushed? I would rather update than install.



I wish that they would allow you to copy any text you want in an email without opening it inline. What if you get a tracking number or an important date that you want to copy and save somewhere else?