Gingerbread leaked for the Evo 4G

While it can never come soon enough for impatient Evo 4G users (like all of us here), Gingerbread with HTC Sense has finally leaked out.  We shouldn't be surprised, as there was no way HTC would leave the phone that started it all stuck on Froyo, and they have already let us know they planned to update their current users to Gingerbread in due time.  What's surprising is that it took this long to leak out.

There's nothing available (as of this writing) that you can flash -- what has leaked is the full dump of all partitions.  This is exactly what ROM developers want and need, and they are already hard at work.  In the meantime, if you're curious and want to dig around in the files while we wait, hit the source link and download them for yourself, and share your findings in the Evo 4G forums. [911HTC via Android Central forums; XDA-Developers] Thanks, dcmasta!


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Gingerbread with HTC Sense leaks out for the Evo 4G


Want! I was (and sorta still am) worried that the Evo won't get Gingerbread til June...precisely when I'm trading it in for the Evo 3D...sorta making the Gingerbread update a moot point for me=/

Apparently it's Sense 3.0 from what I've seen in other sites about the leak.

UPDATE: Aha, nope apparently still 1.0. DRAT

Gingerbread has been on my Evo for the past couple of months and Cyanogen 7 just came out in Final form with Wimax and HDMI. I guess if you really like Sense this is cool and variety is what is cool about Android. Still, I'd be more excited if I wasn't already running a leaner version of Gingerbread already.

There's a very, VERY BUGGED out rom being built for the desire hd over at xda from a htc sensation ruu. Pretty neat.

OG EVO will always have a special place in my heart it started it all in the 4g game so it's the granddaddy of 4g devices on android.

I would love to have gingerbread on my og Evo but i'll be moving on to the 3D and the next owner will have something to look forward to.

stupid question.....i'm running cyanogenmod7 on my dinc, i want to know if with this leak will they be able to pull what ever they need to pull to get 720p?

Sadly. This update only includes sense 1.0.

it is virtually the same, except it reads a different build. People are reporting it as a snappy rom, but it is a huge letdown without any changes to Sense.

Thanks for the report guys! Love this site.

What is there to be sad about? This is a leak and is by no means official.... Now if this was direct from Sprint, yeah I'd see your point... but this isn't final yet.

Yea, but it's a test. They aren't gonna code it to work on Sense 1.0 just to have to turn around and recode it to work on Sense 2.0.

The EVO will not be getting an official upgrade to Sense 2.0, sad.. but true. I'm not worried tho.. I think XDA will have some really decent ports with this GB code.

I have updated my evo phone with this new release. gamil stopped syncing after I replied to an email. I do not know how to fix that. I think it is a bug. Prior to that voice recognition did not work. ( this was fixed after reboot).

Did anyone have this issue. does anyone knows how to fix the sync issue with gmail. the setting are correct. gmail does not sync even when I force it to symc. How can I reinstall gmail.


I complete missed this. April was a busy and bad month. Was preparing for a local gig when the drummer showed his true colors, had to be fired, and had to cancel the gig. Anywho, YAY FOR THE GINGERBREAD ROM!!! GROG WANT!!!!!!!!