HTC Flyer Best Buy internal

Been itching to get your HTC Flyer (see our hands-on), and counting down the days until May 22?  Well according to this internal email sent to Best Buy stores, you don't have to wait.  The release date has been "relaxed" and stores that have stock are free to start selling them.  Might be worth a phone call or trip to your local Best Buy to check it out.  Sing out if you're picking up one of these, and hit the forums to share!

Thanks, Anon!


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Get your HTC Flyer from Best Buy today


Beat me to it. I was going to comment "Quick! Sell them before people realize they don't come with the stylus!"

Damnit I want this so bad, but not for that price and not without a radio. Where are you EVO View 4G? :( Since I'll be paying for the data anyway I don't mind a contract, hopefully the price is dropped a lot from Sprint.

Why would you pay separately for data instead of buying a thethering plan on your smartphone? Isn't that the more expensive route?

It's not about price, its about convenience which if you think about it is the entire point of a tablet. If I cant just pull it out of my pocket, do what I want to do and put it back all in 60 seconds, I might as well carry around a netbook or something. Turning on tethering everytime, waiting for the connection, draining my phone battery all the while, that's the opposite of convenience not to mention it all drops if I get a phone call.

Still has stylus that came with palm pilot, willing to sell the stylus for the low, low price of $

Get the Flyer from Best Buy - I think not...

From what I understand the HTC EVO 4G View will not come with stylus pen either. This must be an American market thing. You know we Americans will buy anything.

Went to BBY to check out the Flyer this evening. After some "Who's on First" confusion about which ad in this weeks Flyer I was interested in they did have a demo to play with and 2 in stock. The form, balance and feel was excellent, but it really is a big EVO.
I almost took one home as they have a 14 return policy with no restock fee. But after some thought, and looking at the Xoom and iPad2, my wife & I agreed that since we both have EVO's and a netbook that we would wait for the 10" models with Honeycomb that are coming soon.
The stylus is a very interesting idea. It even made my atrocious handwriting look acceptable. It didn't appear to work in text entry fields, IE: search, but was very easy to use as a freehand note tool. Something to watch develop over the next few generations.

HTC always over delivers. It's not a big phone. And IT'S NOT A STYLUS. It's SO much more... that's why it's not free. YouTube it. Google it. Don't sleep on it. The Flyer totally blows away ALL other tablets. Including Honeycomb tablets. HTC has taken the concept of a tablet to a whole new level. Don't get stuck in the parameters that previous tablets have defined. Check it out.

Got my Flyer and no headphones and look at the available Total Storage Space 8.69GB I know the operating system uses some but come on it cant use up 7.31GBs