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Gary Oldman and his HTC One (M8) ...


They're trying too hard. It's like they know most people wouldn't buy it so they're trying to challenge them. Hint: It doesn't work.

No! The word "creepy" is overly used. Wait til Halloween or something.

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Actually, linguists have demonstrated that most Americans do not have an accent, and of those who do, it's generally very slight. That's why when you hear Brits or Aussies sing, there is very little hint of an accent: it's very hard to sing naturally with an accent.

You're joking of course. Even as a Brit I can distinguish huge differences between various American accents, all of which are strong accents to my ears. Just because you can't hear an accent in those around you doesn't mean there isn't one. Likewise, a lots of Brits definitely sing with an accent, an American accent, so you don't hear it but to non-Americans it's highly noticeable. Try googling 'americans do not have an accent' :-)

Just saw this on TV. It's not perfect, but I think this is the direction HTC should take with marketing. They should make the HTC One seem like a premium device for people interested in premium things. And it's not like it isn't true to an extent. Either way, a decent start to what will hopefully be an ad campaign that will actually benefit HTC.

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If they are advertising now on TV, they're on their way to success. I've been saying for some time now that HTC really needs to have an advertising blitz if they are going to compete in the current marketplace.

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They have been advertising on channel 4in the UK and on the ps3 there is a link on the homepage to view the add kind of like how Sony and HTC are working together

The device doesn't cost enough to sustain the company under the guise of "we only sell premium devices to premium people". That works for Mercedes, BMW, Rolex etc because they sell their products for high prices with exaggerated margins. The cash flow alone allows them to sustain that sort of business model. Its really simple, HTC doesn't sell this phone for enough or sell enough of them to keep the company afloat with premium products for premium people.

Best case scenario, they keep the company afloat for 24 to 36 months max and they're bought by Lenovo or some other Chinese manufacturer looking to get an American name to market under... although that plan hasn't worked well for Blackberry who is in roughly the same predicament of stagnant market share and stagnant financial performance.

I wouldn't be so quick to count them out just yet. If they can market it as a "premium" device, while still charging the same amount as the competition, they might just do well.

Market it, and sell it is something there's been a very precipitous delta between for HTC with the One X, One X+, and One 2013. Your last sentence is the same thing people said about the One 2013 and HTC still lost money Q3 and essentially lost money in Q4 with the exception of the revenue from their sell of Beats. Financials don't lie, they need to take the company private in a bad way because there is no way their market will put up with their rollercoaster as publicly traded company.

Highly Turbulent Company...
Hope Trading Continues...

Obviously, I can't argue the financial status of HTC, but we've seen companies make bigger comebacks. Remember that Apple was once on the verge of bankruptcy.

Apple was saved by an infusion of cash from Microsoft though. I don't see Samsung coming through and helping HTC in the same way.

That said, I love HTC devices, and I hope they do a serious ad blitz for this phone. I want to see HTC get back on their feet.

I've already ordered an M8, and I adore Gary Oldman in many roles, but that commercial was atrocious. It's a phone. Let's not take it too seriously.

Umm,...this is Android Central! They do take it seriously! Very, very seriously, so seriously all they care about here are looks & design, nothing else!

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And here we see the Jay Holm in its natural habitat, rearing its opinionated head.

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If this is the direction their advertising campaign is heading, they are screwed. That did nothing to stimulate my desire to purchase the phone. As a matter of fact it came across as a bit condescending.

They should hire you to direct their marketing campaign... With FULL creative control.

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He played a 'HORRIBLE' version of Dr. Smith, man! As for the commercial, I've nothing to say. Yet I wanted to say something. So I said that. So, there.

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This is the type of marketing that didn't work the for Htc one and it won't for this one... As a new consumer I wouldn't even know what it does

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It's a phone I guess? The commercial wants to make me get off my couch to search why it is better? Why not TELL me in the ad instead of wasting time staring? Seems like high budget nonsense

-nearly every viewer.

HTC somehow fails to market any of its features. No one knows what the hell a Zoe is unless they somehow read about it online. Why is that not in any ad campaign? So much wasted potential. They should quit selling the brand and market the phone and what it does. This is RDJ all over again.

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Referring people to the internet is dangerous. 4MP=FAIL!!! BOTTOM BEZEL!!! HTC IS DOOOMED!!!! Yeah, you would think that advertising the compelling features in the commercial itself would at least allow HTC to control the message more?

So you're one of those who won't believe what millions of people on the internet may say, but are instantly swayed by someone who extolls the virtues of something in a commercial? You must have terrible buyer's remorse every time you see an ad from a competitor of something you recently purchased. (Or you have a dozen of everything!)

No, I didn't look, because of your comment, but I might go back, watch it again and look. Maybe.

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The *very* first thing I did when I read that sentence was look. It's subliminal manipulation, I say!

I really use to like HTC, I mean REALLY use to like HTC!! I bought nothing but HTC phones for about 5 years straight, and a new phone every year. This dates back to Windows Mobile through the launch of Android OS. Just recently though, after 1 year of owning my Evo LTE after pre-ordering it, I decided to purchase a used Samsung Note 2. The Note 2 would be my first Android phone which wasn't manufactured by HTC, and my first mobile phone in 5 years which wasn't HTC. To my pleasant surprise I absolutely loved it! So much that I bought the Note 3 on launch day. The Note 3 is without a doubt MUCH better than ANY phone, M8 included, that HTC has ever built!!!

I would TRULY hate to see HTC fail because, 1)they were my favorite phone company for years 2)competition between phone manufacturers pushes them to put better specs in their devices, keeps them motivated, and tends to keep them from becoming complacent (Apple having zero competition is a perfect example with a complete lack of any kind of technological innovation AND absolutely no competition on pricing either). That said, if HTC stays at their current pace, I don't think that their future looks too good for them. Not saying that they'll be bankrupt anytime soon, or at all for that matter. I just don't think HTC will be fighting Samsung for the number 1 spot as Android manufacturer unless they start listening to what their customers actually want! Come on HTC, I know you can rise to the top again! The question is do you even want to, or have you already thrown in the towel??

As comments go, his wasn't bad. Granted, it's just his opinion, but nothing he said makes him "stupid". There's no need to be condescending just for the sake of being condescending. Especially if you're not going to have the b@ll$ to state your own opinion in rebuttal.

I'm in the same boat of having been a pretty avid HTC fan who ended up jumping ship for the Note 2 (and now 3). I do think that the M8 is a great phone (even though I'll never touch a phone that I can't replace the battery) and it will sell decently well. I don't want to see HTC go out of business, either, but I'm not sure that they really need to sell 40 million units of every modal in order to prevent that from happening.

Good commercial.I like everything about the phone but they failed with the rear camera!

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Photosphere = yes
Depth Lens = yes
Premium iPhone look & feel = yes

Want to buy one = yes

Going to buy one = no

I like hitting buttons from the back.

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Premium iphone look and feel, LOL. Apple has never made a phone that compare to the look and feel of the HTC One (last year's or this year's model).

I have to say that I *still* laugh when people talk about the iPhone's "Premium Look and Feel". Personally, I've never found the iPhone to look all that premium. And I laugh even harder when someone says that while holding an iPhone wrapped in a ginormous otterbox case.

I fell would be better if samsung and htc will help each htc=design.i'm not saying samsung phones are ugly just looks better

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Love Gary Oldman.

Loved him in 'The Professional'.

Also, for those that haven't seen it before, check out 'Romeo is Bleeding'

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I looked into his eyes directly and couldn't care less. First Robert Downey Jr. and now Gary Oldman - both great actors but I don't care what any paid celebrity has to say about anything. Sell the phone on its merits. Also the Blade-Runner-esque lighting in this ad did nothing for me either. I am keen on this phone and the Sony Xperia Z2 - for me that's what it's coming down to.

Exactly, and they send them to the web to find out. Very good ad for a company that needs a wider audience to discover their great hardware.

I don't think a commercial had ever sold me on a phone before so my opinion is quite bias. As far as them directing consumers to the Web, I think that the general public will plug it in on Google and HTC is hoping they pick their advertising. Could back fire if consumers scroll down ha.

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I will admit in a heartbeat that HTC One didn't go far enough with the new One, especially with the camera. That being said, this could be a solid marketing campaign (something HTC hasn't done well at all in the past). Marketing their phones as not for everyone because they are better than the rest of the phones available is a solid platform to build ads around.

Didn't go far enough with the camera, but otherwise I don't think that we'll have a One (M7) S with it.

Comercial started strong, but then got weird at the end and gave me the heebies. Not gonna motivate sales by creeping people...

Also said nothing about the phone and capabilities. Most consumers don't know htc is let alone m8 and this commercial will do nothing to put a dent in that fact.

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Still doing it wrong. I mean they slap those speakers on the front but don't hire any musicians to promote this thing. They give a way a TPU case instead of free music. They release the phone the same day but didn't tease the masses ahead of time besides those crappy youtube videos. Come on HTC, the S5 is coming with a Godzilla like ad blitz don't get squashed like a roach.

I do just want to point out they teased the living crap out of us. There were signs all over the carrier stores here in states telling us to check back on 3.25.14 for more information. They had that dot case to intrigue us also telling us to tune in on 3.25.14. I do agree that the s5 is coming full storm on the advertising.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I did miss the carrier signs. They teased the internet with all of the intentional leaks but they need to win over Joe Blow the average consumer. They just aren't very creative in the ad department. Gary Oldman is no Lebron James(Samsung) or Oprah Winfrey(Apple).

While I'm a big fan of Gary Oldman as an actor, I do have to agree that this commercial seems... lacking. They could have at least shown off something besides that 3 seconds of blinkfeed. Maybe this would appeal to a certain segment of the audience, but it really doesn't make me want to *do* anything. They could have at least given people an idea of where to start looking.

There's also something a little funny and sad about having to use the device's "codename" in your marketing materials to prevent confusion.

Poor HTC, still stuck in tier 2 marketing. They just don't get it. "A" list actors do NOT automatically equate to tier 1 marketing. They're hopelessly lost and why they continue to struggle against other Android OEM's.

Stupid and creepy, got such a negative vibe from the presentation of the product. Grey overtones,rainy night and Mr Oldman saying BLah,Blah,Blah.What are you trying to sale "depression". SOLD!

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I Don't Blame The Actor For This Stoopid, Rude Commercial. But, It's Offensive To Be Told " Here Is Our New Phone If You Want To Learn It's Stats, Google It Yourself"
My Husband And I both Have The HTC Evo. I Would Have Liked A Commercial That Was Informative About The Phone, Instead Of The "Screw You" Message.

Anybody else think that 'I know you want to think for yourself so go ask the internet' is condescending and passive aggressive? Advertising pisses me off so much, this just fuels the fire.