Samsung Galaxy S4

Looks like April 16 is starting to be the day for Samsung Galaxy S4 presales. AT&T's opening up that day, and now US Cellular is throwing its hat into the ring, too. 

No word yet on what the phone will cost -- we're told it'll be announced on April 16 -- nor do we know what storage options USCC will offer.

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Alan Foster says:

April 16, Yay! I can't wait to be one of the first ones to own it. You feel an important person when you have something that the world craves for but is not available to all.

TomStretton says:

That's my birthday :) But I'm in the UK so I'll be hopefully be getting it earlier, if the price drops!

chad783 says:

Come on Verizon!

Cheetah23 says:

Always late to the party!

craigrn16 says:

It's a shame HTC that Samsung is already begining pre orders in the US and you are no where to be found


In the UK the S4 is £629.99 SIM free.

Anyone paying that needs their head examining imho.

Lonestaroc says:

Still don't curr . Still ugly. Still massive failure in my eyes. Bye.