Galaxy S4 Mini

Verizon may be getting a Galaxy S4 Mini of their own

For Big Red customers looking for a new phone that's a bit more svelte than today's average Android phone, The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with a big fat Verizon logo has been outed in some leaked pictures over at Engadget, We're going to assume that the SCH-i435 will be the same basic Mini as the world version Alex had a look at last June, though it's always possible Verizon has done a little tweaking here and there.

While the Mini won't satisfy anyone's need for raw specs, we found it a decent performer, though slightly hampered by a less than stellar screen. But being one of the few phones available under 4.5-inches, that may be a trade-off many are willing to make. It looks like Verizon is betting on just that, and the S4 Mini should be a great seller if it's priced accordingly with a new agreement. 

Of course, nothing is official until Verizon says it's official, and we'll keep an ear to the ground for more news on this one. After the break there's one more picture that gives a good impression of the overall size compared to the iPhone 5. For more images and details, including comparisons to its bigger bother, be sure to have a read of our Galaxy S4 Mini review.

Source: Engadget

S4 Mini vs. iPhone 5

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phositadc says:

Is that a notification LED?

mcgowan398 says:

Yep Sir


Jayq330 says:

Yes sir it is, I'm surprised that Samsung is taking the backseat on the edge to edge screens... So far LG has semi edge to edge but the real king is Motorola with the motto X having no edge at all, so should that be called "edgeless screen tech"?

scolson1 says:

Bigger bother. I love that!

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What the fuck is this shit?

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cowboys2000 says:

Plus one

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Does Samsung love Verizon?

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mcgowan398 says:

They actually "love" AT&T



I see that iPhone 5 in the reflection of the Galaxy S4 Mini's battery door...


What's your point?

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Is it bad to mention the iPhone 5 being seen in an image within an article on an Android-centric website? It's not like I'm praising said phone, I'm just mentioning it.

Then images came from Engadget.


I didn't mean anything bad, lol. I was just wondering what your point was in mentioning it.

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Blessen John says:

Merrr. The Droid mini is a much better alternative to this. Unless this is a free phone, I don't see any reason to get it for Verizon.

tx_tuff says:

Why is it always a big deal out mentioned when Verizon puts is logo on a phone? Every cell provider does it.

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zero157h7 says:

Verizon, why would you get this piece of crap and not the One Mini?

NoNexus says:

Oh you know that they aren't getting the One mini? You should start a website since you have insider info

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paisley99 says:

I really want this phone. Stupid Sprint, they never carry the smaller phones. arrrgh.

91_z28_4me says:

So does this mean the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (maybe next year's versoin) might end up on Big Red? That would be an interesting upgrade from my S3.


I doubt it. The Galaxy Mega is only being targeted for developing markets.

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tgrant1975 says:

Does anyone know what the camera specs are gonna be on the mini?

kelton says:

I suspect that, with Verizon, there is a greater demand for a respectable "rugged" android phone.
Please, bring the Active S4.