But would that really a bad thing?

This is not the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung, it is now rumored, will not be showing the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress. That's according to unconfirmed rumors from The Verge and Germany's Best Boyz. Of course, the Galaxy S III has yet to actually be announced or anything, nor has Samsung sent invites for any press event in Barcelona. But, yeah. It's entirely possible we won't see it there. Bummer, to be sure.

But here's the thing: We -- and most everybody else out there -- have been largely been assuming we'll see Samsung Next Big Thing™ in Spain. Perfectly reasonable assumption by all, since the Galaxy S II was announced there last year. But it's still an assumption, and it's still ignoring one thing.

Anybody remember when and where the Samsung Galaxy S was launched? That's right, boys and girls. The original Galaxy S was born in March 2010 at CTIA in Las Vegas, not at Mobile World Congress a month sooner. (We got Super AMOLED screens at MWC in 2010.) The Galaxy S still was released outside the United States first, and we got ours at an event in New York City that brought the four major U.S. carriers together. (Note we've not seen an event like that since; though last year's Galaxy S II event did manage appearances by AT&T and Sprint, and a half-assing from T-Mobile.)

Anyhoo. We're still a month out from MWC. Anything can happen. (Hell, we saw a complete redesign of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a month.) And it's not like there won't be ample opportunities for the GSIII (or whatever's next) to be announced after that. We've got CTIA in May. Google IO in June. CTIA again in October. Countless events in between. And if indeed it's true that the Galaxy S III is being pushed back to eliminate lag time between release, let's all ask ourselves this:

Are we really going to complain about an unofficial phone's unannounced announcement possibly being pushed closer to the date that it'll actually be available for purchase? It's a mad, mad world.

Sources: The Verge; Best Boyz


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Galaxy S III now rumored to be a no-show at MWC


A bad thing? Well, let's see, we currently have around 4 or so different variations of the same Galaxy SII phone on AT&T alone, so, I think we, as consumers, can hang tight for a bit...lol.

Man look at that soft keys. Talk about crowding the deck geeze. They'll need a large processor to run there bloated skin on ics.

I hope the unlocked version supports T-mobile bands, which it probably will only support stupid AT&T

...if DELAY means not getting a HALF ASS PRODUCT,I have no problem...my EPIC TOUCH will keep me occupied a little longer.

I agree with the last paragraph of this article!!! I hate to say it but... I want iPhonesc type announcements. Announce it one week and make it available everywhere in a week or two. Thank You.

I'd rather see what is coming in the tablet line myself. Can we go thinner, quad-core, lighter, and less bezel on the new ones...?

Looks great but since Sprint kicked me off and I refuse to pay more for AT&V, I have trouble wanting it.

What if all is going to plan and the Russian dudes statement was to get a little research done before the phones details are set in stone?

Lets face it this year is more important than last year because the iPhone 5 is due with a redesign and maybe a size change. Either way the GSIII needs to be the dogs bollocks so why not get the opinion of the madding crowd.

That mock up image is bad by the way. Why would we want more buttons when three virtual buttons is the ICS way forward. Even touch wiz only has four buttons as its layout (which we should all be shouting about for Samsung to change as we are now bored to death of the legal battles and its similarity to the iPhone isn't selling the phone, the phone is selling the phone)

The edge to edge screen would turn every head in the world and why not be the only manufacturer to follow the nexus and skip buttons completely? The GSII is almost there now with its hiding menu and back buttons so lets ask for more original goodness. You never know it might just happen.

I heard a rumor that the Iphone 5 will actually have ICS. Now, true I just made that up, but it's still a fun idea to talk about. Lets just wait for the official announcement, or lack thereof, shall we?

Android fans are not patient or reasonable people. Neither are iPhone fans. Asking everyone to remain calm will get a better response from a sea sponge. The Whargarble is deafening in the forums when an unannounced phone is "delayed" or doesn't live up to the hypebeast. So many people hated on the last two Nexus phones because they used old tech or had a carrier logo or didn't come with Google service "A".

I have lost interest in completing this thought...

I think I will be content with my SGSII SR for its lifecycle. I'll wait until the SGSIV or the next Nexus (by Motorola by then?) comes along instead. :D