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If you've just blown £500 or so on a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S III (or committed to a new 24-month contract to get a subsidized model), you'll want to do everything you can to prevent it from knocks and scrapes. One of the first cases to appear for the S III on the European launch day was the official clear TPU case, manufactured by Anymode. This is a basic flexible plastic shell that matches the curved design of the S III, and features raised areas along the sides to allow easy pressing of the power button and volume rocker. And you've also got cut-outs for the LED flash, camera, rear speaker, mics, headphone jack and microUSB port. The case extends around the edge of the device, covering the corners, which are most susceptible to damage from falls or sudden impacts.

Texture-wise, the case is typical of most TPU offerings -- it's flexible and a little plasticky, without awkward rubber-like feeling that characterizes some silicone cases. Its flexibility means it's easy enough to put on or remove from the phone, while the patterned area inside the case grips the back of the phone securely to avoid slippage.

As it's transparent, you won't be upsetting the aesthetics of the Galaxy S III too much. The extra thickness isn't all that noticeable during regular use, or when the two are pocketed. Our only design concern stems from the slightly rough edges of the case, likely caused by the molding process, though that's true of many cases of this kind.

The clear TPU case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is available for around £15 from retailers in the UK. We've got more photos after the break.


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Galaxy S III case review: official clear TPU case


I've used a clear TPU case with a darker phone than the white G-III and it was never an issue. They come off easily when needed and go back on just as easily. I remove mine every couple weeks or so and wash it with dish detergent and it looks like new. Way better/tighter fit than silicon. As a bonus, the edge raps over the front edge of the phone creating about a 2mm thick ridge so if you set down your phone face-down the screen isn't in contact with the surface.

*sighs* Not sure how reliable the test was but I saw some report from somewhere, where in a drop test the screen was about on par with Apple's level of fragile. Read: The thing hardcore spider cracked. I'm having a hard time finding the article now. Saw it while sitting in the theatre waiting for Prometheus to air at 11:50PM last Thursday. =D

EDIT: Simple Google search will yield results. The gist of it is that GG is great for scratch resistance, not impact resistance

Yes, it will crack if you drop it face down onto concrete from 6 feet, but it's not "fragile" compared to other phones. GG2 is the strongest material available for use in the screen of a phone, so it's one of the most durable phones in terms of its screen.

There is NO reason to pay that much for a TPU case. Go on ebay and you can decide between dozens of colors options and different pattern options too. Once its release in NA it will have way more too. And you can get then for like $2 or $3.

Nice review Alex.. Can't help but to put an English accent on when i read your editorials lol

Remember that the case was available at launch so those who walked in and wanted to get everything at one place bought one. Right now you can find them cheaper and IMO TPU cases as great as they are, they're not the biggest selling case people buy. Not only during the drop did the screen shatter but the phone was unusable unlike the IPhone4. I for one will sport a case. Yes They are Bulky depending on the case you get but its better to pay 25 bucks for a case then 600 for a new phone or 100 for the deductible.

Maybe Samsung will do as Apple did and send everyone cases for their devices to fuzz the"death grip" antenna problem. I'm not very exited about that as I pre ordered