Galaxy S with Froyo

Remember how a leaked Froyo ROM was promised for the Galaxy S? Well, it's out, it's working (mostly) and Italian site HDblog has been giving it the what-for on camera. A reminder that this is for the international version of the Galaxy S and won't (yet) work with your Samsung Captivate or Vibrant, but hopefully we'll see that change soon. Check out the hands-on video after the break. [Samsung-Firmware, HDblog] Thanks, iNicc0lo.

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angermeans says:

Froyo + Galaxy S is going to fly. I can't wait to get the full release. Come on Samsung please get this done before September you are falling behind.

HAAS599 says:

Lets get some Linpack on that!

gspeed says:

I also want to see linpack scores of the Gaxy S running Froyo. I imagine we should be in the high 40's to low 50's.

drizek says:

People on xda were saying they were only getting 14. Apparently the build isn't fully optimized yet.

KingAndroid says:

I am thinking about getting the vibrant but want to know something. Will these phones get good root support and cyanogen roms?

angermeans says:

Yeah actually two devs are working on the Vibrant CM6 RC1 (maybe 2 IDK). Scepterr and Wes Garner I think. I will get you there twitter profiles if you want to follow them. I am willing to bet we will have a stable CM6 Froyo ROM from TeamDouche before Samsung even releases the final Froyo ROM.

Kedar says:

Kinda' jealous. The whole card switching thing is genius.
Saves a lot of customization time also.

Wow... it seemed pretty damn fast, even with Touch Wiz on there.

myusernames says:

I hope the EPIC comes with some "jigabytes" lol. I'm just kidding...he speaks quite well for a second language.

Even with the limitations of this ROM, it looks sick!

Droid King says:

I Agree With EverThing You Jus Said..
I Cant Wait To See What The Final Version Looks Like & Has To Offer.!

Dropp says:

Damn that phone runs super fast!!!!

eyesparky says:

Looking good. I do love the way you can switch and edit the home screens. Looking forward to seeing a more complete build.

Damn it looked SUPER choppy on the web browser

why is that ? Will the official 2.2 release be super smooth (like the iphone) ?

eyesparky says:

Very likely ... it might even be as super smooth as all the 2.1 Browsers on Android (if not better). He did mention that this ROM had not been optimised during the review.

GQ50 says:

Damn, do you see how fast the screen switches as he clicks the back button or any button for that matter, also when he swipes the

lorsban says:

There doesn't seem to be much of a speed difference from stock 2.1 eclair. I do see some add ons tho like screen orientation lock and that webOS-ey card screen switch thing.