HTC Legend

The Froyo OTA for the HTC Legend  is now live across Europe, according to HTC's Twitter account. Last month, we heard of some Legend owners on Vodafone receiving Froyo, but this time around it encompasses all European versions of the device.

If you have a Legend and have been anxiously awaiting Froyo, go get it! [HTC's Twitter]


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Froyo OTA for European HTC Legend is now live!


Over the air:

Able to update without plugging in and automatically. It's best when you have an OEM phone rather than a carrier phone as you get updates sooner if the manufacturer is reliable with updates.

Over The Air

Meaning you can update wirelessly through your phone via 3G/WiFi without the need of plugging it in to a PC with sync software.

EDIT: WhoisThis beat it to me

And yet, I'd still be on 2.1 if it weren't for XDA. If I had had any other options but the captivate, I would have taken them. Now I'm almost regretting not paying the early termination fee and getting an HTC on Tmobile.

Now hopefully my carrier (Bell, who just gave the Galaxy S Vibrant an update to Froyo) will update my HTC Legend to Froyo...been waiting so long for all the awesome features!