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Yeah, we went there. And, yeah, kinda not funny, we suppose. Great web comic, though. [Joy of Tech]


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Friday Fun (?): Apple-HTC lawsuit and the Joy of Tech


Hmm, I like black humour.

I can just imagine a skit with Apple Executives speaking in crap Germanic accents saying things like "Today, HTC, tomorrow, the world..."


In your scenario is Jobs holding a cricket bat, wearing assless chaps and screaming "Macht Schnell!" to the lawyers? Or is that just me :)

This explains why when I walked into Best Buy the other day to purchase my brand new HTC Hero that I had been lusting over the last few months, the price had suddenly dropped from $149 to $79...
I literally purchased the phone the day before the suit was announced... Talk about timing...

Luckily for me, the wheels of justice/injustice move incredibly slooooooowwwwww...

I had better go window shopping tomorrow then just in case HTC phones get seriously dropped in price over here in the UK as well. I would like a HTC Hero.

I know it sounds much like vultures circling over a corpse, but we all like a good bargain...

And anyway, I suspect that Apple will lose in the long run and take damage from their anti-competitive actions. I know that I sure as hell will never buy anything Apple from now on, even if I was tempted by the new iPhone 4G...

I doubt you will see anything happen with price drops or phone discontinuations until something happens. This suit could take months/years to finish. I'm sure these patent suits are hard for judges and lawyers due to terminology used in the patent.

Personally I think all apple products are overpriced garbage. I own an iPod and thats it. All vehicle accessories that connect directly to your head unit(aftermarket) are apple ipod jacks. Playing iPod or any other MP3 player through 3.5mm AUX jack sounds like poo. You get better stereo audio connecting to the bottom of the iPod.

I would never buy an iPhone, I have tried my friends and don't really care for em. If apple wants to keep in the market, come out with some new innovative ideas for your phone, go to a network that isn't pure shit. Get on a few networks besides ATT, the nations leader in dropped calls, so what if you can talk and browse at the same time, you have to have a signal to do it!

I hope Google's "we stand behind our partners" really means financially and not morally. Apple need to pick on someone their own size, and that would be Google.