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We saw the first image purporting to show the "HTC Ville" earlier this month, although there wasn't much to see, just another rounded black slab containing a screen of some description. Now a brand new render of the rumored device has appeared over at Pocketnow, showing what's apparently a 4.3-inch display on a phone with a thickness of just 8.49mm. That's thinner than the Galaxy S II and the Xperia Arc, and just about everything else on the market. Looking at the renders, you can now make out four capacitive buttons down at the bottom (behind the watermark), along with what appears to be HTC's trademark aluminum unibody construction.

The rumored specs don't appear to have changed over the past couple of weeks -- you're still looking at a dual-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5 GHz, along with an 8MP BSI camera, HSPA+ support and a 1650 mAh battery. In terms of software, the rumor mill says the Ville will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a brand new version of Sense, presumably version 4.0.

The usual caveats relating to unannounced devices apply here -- all of this stuff is unconfirmed and subject to change. If there's any truth to it, though, then we'll look forward to getting our hands on the Ville (or whatever it's eventually called) next year, most likely at Mobile World Congress.

Source: Pocketnow

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minjfish says:

here's to hoping sense 4.0 looks nothing like sense.

Good luck with that.

hmmm says:

As long as the bootloader isn't locked the phone won't need to have sense on it at all for very long. If it's locked? Well, no sale then.

bjn714 says:

HTC usually locks them, but their security is not as involved as Motorola's so usually the dev community cracks them to flash a patched bootloader (you can't flash a modified bootloader on a moto at all). Plus it will most likely be unlockable from HTC at some point, depending on carrier of course.

Gekko says:

WTF capacitive buttons??? way to immediately antiquate the device in the age of ICS! HTC and Chou better pick up their game real soon or Samsung is going to really start eating their lunch. IMO HTC's recent phones are looking tired, dated, and just downright ugly. thick ugly squares with garish designs don't cut it anymore - not in 2012. HTC's buttoned and ornamented phones are atrocious looking compared to the sleek rounded pure black slabs from Samsung like the G-Nex. and i am a launch day EVO 4G owner!

icebike says:

I'm fine with the buttons. No complaints from me.
Using honeycomb for month, i still look for buttons on some apps only to find them in odd or inconsistent places.

Contrary to popular misconceptions ICS has no problem incorporating actual buttons.

SoreAintya says:

Tell me bgr isn't your go to source for reliable info.
Not saying what you posted is wrong or false, I just cringe when I see someone reference bgr, as I've always found them to be a little biased in the Android department.

Gekko says:

i try to look at the facts and not shoot the messenger.

tronthedon says:

Except the messenger is picking and choosing which facts to give you (and they're usually anti-Android). Don't make it out like you're being unbiased when you're obviously choosing a biased source.

hmmm says:

Thick? This is thinner than the galaxy s2. And it basically looks like any any other smartphone by Samsung or whoever just a different color. And it's not plastic like Samsung's phones. Were you even talking about this phone?

bjn714 says:

This is just a rendering, not the actual product. HTC could decide to go buttonless. Or them may keep them there for Sense or something stupid like that. Until we see a device live we won't know for sure. No sense getting all up in arms over a rendering.

ele5 says:

For the record not everyone wants a thinner phone, who gives a shit how thin a phone is, or the weight. Its stupid that phone companies drive themselves on a thinner lighter phone, in my opinion its okay for a phone to be a little thicker, a little heavier, as long as it works good, looks good, and fits great in the hand. I love the fact the Xperia PLAY was thick and heavy thats why i bought it, but still feels amazing in the hand.

ayoo456#AC says:

It looks nice. Battery prolly sucks. Buttons suck. I'm interested tho

So the battery life will suck, and the way you interact with the device (buttons) suck, but you're still interested?

bjn714 says:

You do realize that this is the Krait S4 chips, right? These are supposedly 60% more power efficient. Here is the big one - this is the first chip that has an integrated LTE modem - the MSM8960. This should result in HUGE power savings compared to our first gen LTE hardware with SoC and separate modem.

As to whether or not this device will come in LTE or HSPA+ flavors... We will see I guess. Either way it is good to see this chipset finally nearing a real device.

tronthedon says:

OK so they produce a power-efficient chip and then include an anemic battery to offset the new feature? Oh that's just great thinking on HTC's part! /sarcasm

1650mAh battery. Lolololol.

El Jefe says:

I don't know. That's awfully big for HTC.

bjn714 says:

You do realize that this is the Krait S4 chips, right? These are supposedly 60% more power efficient. Here is the big one - this is the first chip that has an integrated LTE modem - the MSM8960. This should result in HUGE power savings compared to our first gen LTE hardware with SoC and separate modem.

This means that the S4 processor (28nm process) will be more efficient than current generation dual core snapdragons (45nm process) allowing for better power management and less heat. The combined SoC/LTE modem will eliminate the compatibility issues and other problems that have plagued the developers of the Snapdragon LTE devices as they would be in one package and manufactured for compatibility.

The S4 chips will be phenomenal. I would not be surprised to see at least 1.5 times the battery life of current dual core LTE devices and closer to double or better than that of the single core LTE variety.

As to whether or not this device will come in LTE or HSPA+ flavors... We will see I guess. Either way it is good to see this chipset finally nearing a real device.

I personally like this design. Yes it has capacitive buttons. Some people may actually like that. I know I do. It's gonna has sense UI on it so it's a no brainer for me. Also, the second (or third to my knowledge) to use amoled technology. I have the epic 4g touch, and though impressive, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my HTC Evo 4g with sense UI. If this phone (or a true successor to the original evo) release on sprint soon. I'm dumping samsung like a bad habit. Good technology, no doubt, but overall satisfaction of the phone? Just prefer HTC.

Gekko says:

what exactly do you miss about Sense?

SoreAintya says:

I'd prefer capacitive (or even physical if done properly) over software driven buttons honestly. What happens when the OS or an app acts up (cause we all know it happens) and these buttons don't appear?
Pull the battery? Oh, sorry, its non removable too? Guess you'll wait until the battery drains.

Skidmark911 says:

I really like the look of this phone.

orlanka says:

I like the look of the phone, however, one thing I have to ding HTC on is the edge on the face of the phone (not sure how to describe it, just a sharp edge). I don't like it and it seems to be there on all of their recent phones. Really wish they'd go back to the way the original Incredible was, smooth edges all the way around. It's honestly the only thing keeping me from getting the Rezound.
As for capacitive buttons, it's definitely not a step backwards just because 4.0 doesn't require them. Like all of Android, we can make it what we want it to be.

hmmm says:

My evo shift has that edge i think you're talking about where the glass meets the case. I don't like it either.

303kush says:

Phone looks sexy. Hopefully it comes to tmobile. Ill have to sell my gs2

hmmm says:

I am fine with capactitive buttons because I don't think the on screen ics buttons look good. I'm guessing sense just hasn't developed far enough to do away with them. Htc probably built it knowing it would still go on older phones.

My concern is the weak battery. Wtf is up with that? Make the phone 9.5-10 mm thick and put a real battery in it.

Then bring it to Sprint...

google123 says:

this looks a bery nice!

tokuzumi says:

Oh good. Another HTC phone that is no different than the evo 3d, Sensation, rezound, etc. At least we know when the previous mentioned phones will receive the ICS update. It will be after the release of this phone.

What do people have against capacitive buttons? I like them. I don't really have a preference for a phone with or without them, but it doesn't bother me if it did. The only benefit that I see with not having them is that you will be able to utilize that extra screen space when viewing videos. Other than that, they are fine. Plus, the capacitive buttons may come in handy when trying to do a search within apps that haebent integrated search within.

dcreed says:

Skipping the Vile, waiting for the Putrid.

Wicell says:

I see what you did there.

rocket321 says:

I'd like to see some u.s. Phones with the 3 capacitive button design popular in other countries. Otherwise I really like the design of this phone.

tronthedon says:

Hi, I'm rocket321 and I'd like to have a less-efficient button layout just for the lulz.

LuisEP24 says:

I wish the next version of Sense UI has a pretty different and better UI than the last version and has Samsung Touchwiz Smooth experience or smoother.

li2327 says:

That's a nice looking device.

Mptrh336 says:

If the above comments are correct about the processor /modem combo wouldn't that also make the phone much easier to dev for? Seems like a much more attractive device to me.

bhayden25 says:

For a custom UI Sense is one of the best. Compare that to moto blur or whatever it's called now and i just do not care for Touchwiz. I love my Inspire and the unibody designs that HTC uses on their phones they always feel solid and well made. Samsung on the other hand the one thing they have going for them is the screens. But sammy phones use too much plastic and feel really cheap.

Wicell says:

They also have remarkable battery life and TouchWiz 4.0 is basically ICS without the new features.

DerekMorr says:

I think the new ICS look is gorgeous. It's clean, slick, and professional-looking. While I was watching the Galaxy Nexus launch video, I kept thinking, "OK, this looks great, but how will the OEM's screw it up?" Now we're about to find out -- I cringe to think how HTC will butcher ICS with Sense. Let's hope this device isn't too hard to root, so a clean install can be put on it.