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We’ve seen a few renders claiming to show HTC’s next flagship Android phone of late -- first an image based on an on-device animation, then another mock-up render did the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere over the weekend. These latest images, however, could be the most accurate yet.

Today’s shots come from Android Police, which received them via an anonymous tipster claiming to have access to HTC’s next big thing, a phone currently known only by the codename “M7.” Based on the images, the device looks to share many design cues with the Windows Phone 8X and Droid DNA -- a primarily squarish design, with rounded corners and a rounded back. Interestingly, it seems HTC has swapped the location of the home and task switching button on this device -- home is now on the far right, and task-switching now lives in the middle.

Alongside these photos, screenshots from the device show what’s said to be HTC Sense 5.0, the next version of HTC’s Android UI. If this is an accurate representation of what’s next from HTC, 2013’s version of Sense certainly looks more minimalist than earlier iterations -- the bright colors and faux 3D effects that’ve previously characterized Sense are nowhere to be seen here. There are new icons, new widgets, and what seems to be predetermined widget areas for social media updates, news and tutorials. The UI is also watermarked with “HTC Confidential” and a unique code, and Sense and Android versions marked as “protected.” Both are hallmarks of pre-release HTC software.

On the whole, these images look pretty promising. But we still have no way of knowing where in the prototyping process this device lies, and how close it is to the finished product. Certain anomalies, like the excessive bezel, derivative design and lack of regulatory info on the back suggest that the finished product might look a little different. Nevertheless, it’s our best indication yet as to what might be next from HTC. We’ll likely find out more at Mobile World Congress 2013, where the company is expected to officially announce the M7.

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Fresh HTC 'M7' images emerge showing new version of Sense


If this is to be believed, then no those aren't on screen keys. The screen captures do not show on-screen keys (which they would if they it did). This is more reminiscent of HTC 8X which has that excessive bezel at the bottom.

This essentially has the face of the 8X with the back of the Droid DNA/Butterfly.

This is fake. End of story. Will wait until like march to start seeing some "maybe" real images of the M7/Sense 5.0

If these are real, I'm glad they got rid of that obnoxious camera hump. However battery life, and expandable storage are key here. Let's hope this has both!

I have seen it rumored on other sites to have a 2300mah battery. Is that enough with Sense, and a 1080P screen?

I have no experience with the DNA, or the Butterfly so my question was legitimate. However HTC phones aren't really known for stellar battery life so this is a concern HTC needs to address with the M7.

So you are basing your opinion on previous phones that HTC has made but you haven't owned the DNA or the butterfly which uses the same SOC (clocked higher) with a smaller battery size that the M7 and you think HTC needs to address their battery life. Maybe you need to address trying out these two phones before making an opinion.

I own the HTC DNA. I can go 2 days on the phone. Typically for heavily stuff, it will last me about 24 hours. Which is double what the Galaxy Nexus can do. I don't even think about battery issues any more.

So I would advice you try the phone for yourself before and save judgement later. Your logic does not hold right considering that each generation changes the CPU to be much more power efficient including the baseband radios.

Personally from my past experience, HTC has been average in the battery department. the International One X had disappointing battery life.

After getting the DNA, I have to wonder, how do you get 2 days?, with medium use, it doesn't last me a day (though almost). And this is on 3G (The 4G doesn't work in my country), I shudder to think when 4G is on.

Is it me, or does anyone else think these icons look like sh**?!? To me they look like icons from a usual mobile phone, not a smart phone. Too simplistic really. They don't look as polished as the one's on my current HOX. Not even close.
If this is real, then they pretty please should quickly re-work the new Sense, because I don't like these icons a bit.
And put those home and task buttons back where they were!
Imho, why change something that's good the way it is.

Maybe you liked old sense, but I think more people hate the current version of sense than like it, to me these icons are very minimal, a direction sense seriously needs to gravitate towards. Current Sense is too bloated and too much of a memory hog. Sense and the small batteries in current HTC devices are deal breakers for me. Which is too bad since the rest of HTC's design and hardware is usually great.

Many people like minimalism, it makes the phone look sleek. Also it's very possible this is a early build of the new sense and the icons haven't been completed yet, they could be quick and dirty placeholders, of all of the things in smartphone user interfaces, Icons are probably the easiest thing to change at the last minute.

Hey, I guess it's just a matter of opinion, really. To each his own. Many people have many different opinions, and yours is a good one too.
For me, honestly, my HOX works just fine, battery life is very good for me, and the latest Sense is not a memory hog for me.
On the icon side. I like good lookin' better than minimalist. Of course performance is a big issue for buying a phone, and that part my HOX fulfills perfectly. And good lookin' makes a phone more sleek than minimalist, imho. And that is what HTC has done for "almost" all their phones.
But again, it's just a matter of opinion...

Judging from the time and date on the phone, either the leak came from Asia (or Australia but unlikely)(EDIT: Taiwan would fit perfectly timewise) and sent to and posted by Android Police in truly lightning speed - or it's another render and not the real deal.

That should be good enough for most people. I know it would be for me. However, the 16 GB internal + 32 GB microSD card situation in my EVO LTE was a pain to manage until I switched the mount points. Unified storage for the win!

No Sense ever again. This is my last Sense phone. I have really come to despise these vendor skins, especially Sense.

To sum this up in a nutshell....HTC's time in the sun has come and gone. They squandered numerous opportunities to remain relevant and build a lasting consumer brand loyalty to at least stay "near" the top. HTC will continue with their non-friendly developer stance(a slap in the face of the large dev community that supported them since the WinMo days), ridiculously "late to the part updates and support", and will continue with their determination to avoid equipping their devices with non removable batteries and no external(sd card) storage(essential to most Android consumers). These reasons as well as poor build quality will leave HTC holding the bag so to speak and fade into obscurity in the near future. No matter what the M7's specs may be, this and all future HTC devices will be an epic fail of mass proportions(at least compared to it's competitors) just as the x and s series were in 2012. At this point the only thig HTC can do to save itself is to stay on par with specs and build quality with Samsung and price it's handsets 50-100$ cheaper, after all...who in their right mind(at least those whom have had prior knowledge of HTC) would pick an HTC device over a Samsung, Sony, or LG at the same price? Not me nor hundreds of thousands others.

Rezound was my last htc device as well, unless they make big changes in Sense and battery size I'm gone for good. I went nexus though. First the GSM galaxy nexus and now the Nexus 4.
So much happier with a manufacturer skin, Vanilla AOSP is the way to go.

It's funny how you open this article just to troll like an asshole then But good kepp your cheap feeling plastic to yourself at all times please and thank you.

who's trolling? no need to use that kind of language either. does your butt hurt because most people have given up on htc and their bloated sense and horrid battery life?

Not going to comment on if this is real or not, no one really knows.
But, if we assume they are, and sense has really been scaled back as much as these images
seem to indicate, and HTC changes their ways and puts a big battery in this phone.
HTC may become something I'd consider again.

I hope HTC learned from the dud that became the HTC One. They need to give their users basic options we've come to expect, meaning: user swap-able battery and micro SD card slot. If they don't, they will continue to fall into irrelevancy.

I resisted a long time myself, but I think user swap-able batteries are eventually going the way of the dodo. Motorola, HTC, LG. Just look at the popularity of the nexus 4, which is almost entirely bought by hardcore enthusiasts.

I bought the N4, and I very rarely have any issues with the battery lasting an entire day.
and just in case, I bought a $35 5000mah portable battery charger, not having a removable battery really isn't a huge deal.

I've even adapted to the lack of the microSD card, though I'll admit that is the harder of the two things to deal with at 16GB. 32 or 64GB internal is plenty for me though, at that point not having an SD card isn't an issue for me.

Battery is a non issue. But I'd like at least 32GB internal if it has to come without an external SD card.


After the known LTE radio issues with the HTC EVO LTE not actually connecting to LTE and the worthless notification light HTC uses that has a 5 minute timeout on it I will never use HTC again. I like the physical parts of the phone and how it feels but not the software and radios. I switched to a Samsung GS3 and all my problems went away.

I would go with a Nexus device but I think Nexus devices on CDMA networks are a thing of the past.

Those seems like bugs particular to one phone, not a systemic issue with HTC, I had both the thunderbolt and rezound from HTC and they had great LTE reception.

HTC has other big problems, but those seem too specific to dismiss an entire brand.
Samsung has made phones with radio issues before as well.

"Interestingly, it seems HTC has swapped the location of the home and task switching button on this device -- home is now on the far right, and task-switching now lives in the middle."

This better not be the way it is on the final version. Samsung triply screwed up the button system (having a menu button, physical home + capacitive menu & back, back button on the right instead of the left where it belongs); HTC need not make a similar mistake by putting the buttons out of order.

where it belongs? It belongs wherever they put it, or if you want to be technical, they need to be on screen buttons.

You will either get used to it
get over it
or get another phone

Seriously. Why do we have to keep moving buttons? As a demonstration of how much we're like lab rats and will just deal with anything? I like the layout on my OneX, and if it changes for the next gen, I'm gonna be ...ornery.

Yeah how about it. The original SGS had HORRIBLE reception. Made the Tbolt look great by comparison. Now the SGS3 is on par with most if not all...