Verizon HTC Eris on Wirefly

Been on the fence about picking up an HTC Eris on Verizon? Here's something to sweeten the deal. Cellstores is offering the Android 1.5 phone on Verizon for free, whether you're opening a new line or upgrading a current one. There's also free shipping and free shipping. That's a whole lotta free. Head here to pick one up.


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Free Verizon HTC Eris


This deal would be great if this site offered more plan options. How come there is no $39.99 basic 450 plan available? So, basically you get the phone for free but are forced to take a higher plan? Can you sign up for a higher plan through this site and then call VZW and change the plan? Are there any consequences of that?

It looks like if you add the phone and plan as-is you can then change the plan and features. When I did that, the phone ended up being $9.99 after I chose the 450 minutes/unlimited data plan ($79/month). Still, can't find a better deal at this time on this phone. I didn't go through with the order b/c I'm waiting on my tmobile contract to be up this month.

I believe the reason there is no $40 plan is because in order to get the phone for the lowest price through verizon you must purchase a calling plan and the email feature which is around $30 extra. However, with most phone carriers you are free to change your plan at anytime as long as you keep the same carrier. This allows you to purchase the phone with whatever plan they tell you to get for the lowest price, walk out, turn around and walk back in, and change to the plan you actually want.