HTC has just released another video in their Technical Translations series. The fourth and final episode tries to explain what an HTC Zoe is. We have actually explained it here already, but basically, a Zoe is a 3-second video clip that bookends when you actually hit the shutter button. Those Zoes can be later combined together to create video highlights.

In HTC’s words:

It’s super-organized, efficient, instant story-telling. It’s all your photos and movies automatically cut into highlights that you can share with your friends.

It looks like the HTC Zoe feature will be carried on to the all new HTC One. The video includes a teaser towards the end. A lot of things about the new device have been leaked already before the March 25th unveiling. Here’s what we’re expecting so far.


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Fourth and final episode of HTC Technical Translations explains Zoes


I once called HTC to get help with figuring out Zoe and Video Highlights. The woman I spoke with couldn't figure out the difference between the two, and kept mipronouncing Zoe.

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@DroidOn: When I goto Apps. and git "Gallery" I get my Videos (Videos I took on my Phone) and under that the second Pane is the Photos that came with the Phone when I bought it.

If I 'tap' on the Photos (that came with the Phone) and 'swipe right' I get a Pane that is called "Video Highlights" (they are not "Videos" but a Zoe (I think) that is created from the Photos). There are "Content", "Themes", and "Music" 'Tabs' under the Zoe.

The first time you get to that Screen a 'default Zoe' is created. After it is made (takes 10 seconds) you can use those Tabs to alter the "Content", "Themes", and "Music" to customize it to your preferences.

In reference to your question a "Zoe" (as you ask it, and as it differs from "Video Highlights") is that a "Zoe" is in the Camera's Gallery (when you take "Still Photos") and while there are default settings (and attempting to view a Zoe (there, in the Camera's Gallery) shows it), you can alter the Zoe's Settings and customize it to make your own Zoe (which then is available as a "Video Highlight").

Note the Pane is called "Video Highlight" but it is NOT "Video" Highlight BUT it is a Zoe (Video) made from "Still Photos").

Your VIDEOS (that you take or transfer to your Phone) are also "Zoe'd" into "Video Highlights of Videos" (that is what I am calling it, do not know how they would explain that).

Having said all that I do not use the feature often, but did play with it a few times. It looks fairly professional with no effort on the User's part.

It make a very nice Presentation (quick view) of the Media (maybe that is a better explanation a "Media Presentation" instead of "Video Highlights") on your Phone (in your Gallery, and I guess also of any Photo Sharing Sites that you have enabled have the Photos pulled from there and Zoe'd -- but Zoe's only UPLOAD to HTC's Site (UNLESS there is another Photosharing Site that accepts (and displays) Zoes). -- whew !

You will need the new 4.4.2 (and Sense 5.5) Update to see all that. I understand that most Countries have it by now.

I would say "I hope that clears things up for you" but I am not that optimistic, and more a realist.

Anyone want to try explaining it better than that ?

Looks like the new HTC One will make Zoe's based on facial recognition.

If I'm right this is hinting that the phone can create a Zoe based on a name that you give the Zoe to look for. It will ask "who is this" next to the face. Then if you want to create a Zoe later on focusing on a specific person or group of people you can do so.


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What's with all the gimmicky features and bloat?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I know this is payback.

(And a hint of sarcasm)

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

:-) without a doubt

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Thanks, HTC, for wasting a minute and a half of my time and yours and not once demonstrating or explaining what the hell a Zoe even is. I am not a HTC customer, and wanted to try and see what the heck these were. I guess HTC just assumes we do.