Fitbit has taken the initiative to update their Android app a day early, and they now support the new HTC One — that phone we're going to see tomorrow.

There's a new widget and a new look to the login, but the interesting bits of the change log tell us there will be integration with BlinkFeed on Sense 6 and higher, and a new mobile track has been added for the HTC One. Things have come a long way since they chose to only support Samsung devices, I guess.

It's nice to see any developer update an app sooner rather than later. If you're a Fitbit user, grab your update from the link above.

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Fitbit updates their app for the new HTC One and Sense 6


How have you guys not seen the full m8 leak? Check evleaks. Video comparison and such. Unless it's on the site and I'm just blind...

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I'm sure they (AC) have a device as well but are abiding by a NDA.

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They had an video up yesterday of a leak video and pulled it. I kinda dislike it when they do that. Stick to your guns or don't show it at all.

The quality websites, close to release tend to get quiet. Usually because they probably have the device in hand and the NDA kicks in.

No use leaking or guessing or speculating when HTC will reveal facts in less than 24 hours.

It wasn't a leak as such, it was a full on comparison video, highlighting all the new features of the phone. Including the fact it still has 4 FUCKING ULTRAPIXELS.

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Interesting. I'm a fitbit user and liked blinkfeed when I tested it on the OG One. I was thinking about getting the Z2, but I'll have to see if the New One will be on my radar.

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" Things have come a long way since they chose to only support Samsung devices, I guess."--Weren't they very clear about it being an Android "BETA" and thats only b/c Android itself didnt include BTLE support but it was baked into TW?

Too bad this isn't gonna see as much usage as it should since the recall of the force

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I don't think they've said anything publicly, but now that the Force has been recalled I think any hope of it getting notification support is dead. Shame, too. I really liked the Force but sent mine back after I developed the same rash a lot of users were. I replaced it with a Flex and it's really kind of annoying by comparison.

Don't expect anything for the Force. They actually sent me a couple spare charging cables for free when I offered to buy some around the time of the recall. So far, my wife and I have not gotten any rashes or other ill effects, other than sore legs from running up and down flights of stairs out of guilt. I hope we don't get the wrist-rot before the next generation since the Flex just does not seem as comprehensive "on-wrist."

Been using the app on a Motorola Driod Maxx (Samsung exclusive?) I don't see much difference with the update. Had not noticed a Widget before. It shows your primary goal and opens the app and that seems to be it. I'm wondering if there is an update for my wife's iPhone. Will have to swing over to iMore.

Does anyone think HTC will come out tomorrow with not only the new One, but also a new One Mini, and a smartwatch? Now that's where they need to be.

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