Galaxy Note 2 2.

Fresh off the heels of this morning’s announcement, T-Mobile is on hand tonight in San Diego showing off its branded version of the upcoming Galaxy Note 2. This is the same mega-phone we’ve been seeing for weeks now, with the nice little addition of a T-Mobile stamp right smack dab on the back and some carrier-brand apps preloaded onto the device. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 will be available in Titanium Grey and Marble White, and both look really stunning. Read on for more hands-on impressions.

We’re not kidding about the uniform internals—the Note 2 maintained its beastly 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, its 2GB of RAM, its marvelous 8MP camera, and its stunning 5.5-inch 720p resolution display. And whether I’m talking about Sprint’s, AT&T’s, or now T-Mobile’s version, my opinion remains the same: this is one of the most gorgeous displays you have ever seen, and the Note 2 is one of the most eye-catching devices on (or coming to) the market today.

But I’ll leave the gushing up to my colleague Alex—in his review of the international (read: same) version last week, he was pretty blown away by the Note 2’s stellar performance, killer battery life, and yes of course that display. You can read his full review here while we all wait patiently for US carriers to pony up and release this beauty. As for T-Mobile, there is no word on pricing or availability just yet (“this Fall” is a safe answer), but we’ll take the logo as an exciting step in the right direction.

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xKrNMBoYx says:

Beautiful...can't believe how well the color show on the screen. But I realized this with my S3 also.

The Galaxy Note 2 will be a wonderful device something on entirely different level than the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be the ultimate all purpose entertainment device ever made. Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 2 over these next 180 days regardless of Htc and it's upcoming Htc Droid Incredible X. I own the current Galaxy S3 with 80gb of storage and it's wonderful. My Galaxy Note 2 will have 96gb of storage what more can you ask for.

Mrosales1122 says:

Man so agree... I love my s3, but I am ready to be beasting...

LegacyEvoAce says:

LOL sad you are the equivalent of an Isheep

Magnus#AC says:

Nope, he's not. The difference is that an iSheep fawns over an empty shell called an iPhone.

AnnDroid says:

Of course you realize this is an Android news site. We love Android.

Apparently because the iGod phone only updates once a year, you have a lot of time on your hands.

mwara244 says:

A lot of time and a lack of options, custom-ability, lack of abilities such as nfc and sharing, wireless charging, and so on and so on. Not to mention all the free goodies we get from Google apps. Hows the ios maps doing and the new iphone wifi that still uses your data even though wifi mode is on and screw over data limits? Apple says bend over and spread cheeks, and iIdiots oblige. Not to mention apple announced they will make a billion just because the changed the charging ports on the new phones too. Apple is all that is wrong with corporations and isheep are idiots and technologically challenged.

The <iPhone> will be a wonderful device something on entirely different level than the Galaxy S3. The <iPhone> will be the ultimate all purpose entertainment device ever made. Nothing will be better than the <iPhone> over these next 180 days regardless of Htc and it's upcoming Htc Droid Incredible X. I own the current <iPhone> with 80gb of storage and it's wonderful. My <iPhone> will have 96gb of storage what more can you ask for.

Seems legit.

betsuni says:

I love your reply, Jerry. Pot, kettle.

the3388 says:

hehe 80gb iphone, your funny.

squiddy20 says:

Can someone just ban the guy already? I mean, he was banned (4 times, I might add, because he couldn't take the hint the first 3) from Phandroid about a year and a half ago. Pretty sure he was banned from Android Police before they migrated to Disqus too.

vinny jr says:

Being a long time T-Mobile customer I am thrilled this beast is coming. I have the SGS3 in white with 32GB of int memory, I will say this is the best phone I have owned to date. I will be buying the Note 2, I have to have this phone, I am like a kid in a candy store.
Thank You T-Mobile.

AnnDroid says:

Vinny, will you get the Note2 in white also? I have been wanting my next phone in white, but this phone is so large that white might make it appear even larger.

I have black granite counter tops and dark mahogany furniture. I am tired of 'losing' my phones because they blend into the dark surfaces.

Sjn013 says:

Only a 4X4 grid.....odd....Why would they change this sure this is not a s3 for the screen images ???

piizzadude says:

Too big in the hand for it to be the SGS3.

I love the phone, just not really what I need now.

Is it my poor eyesight or does the "grey" look brown? I am sure it is just the picture but I was a bit taken aback

Very poor eye sight this is nothing close to the color of brown. Get that Galaxy Note 2 your eye sight will improve..

adinofaries says:

Do you think before you post? Improve his eyesight... Common man...

squiddy20 says:

Says the idiot who thinks the back of the LG-E960 (purported next Nexus) looks "better than" an iPhone. All you have to do is throw an Apple logo on there and move the camera module and it's almost the exact same as an iPhone back. You are the one who needs to get his eyes checked. -_-

LegacyEvoAce says:

In those pics yes it looks brown.

xKrNMBoYx says:

I won't say you have poor eyesight as I have poor eyesight, but good eyes for details if I am close to the item. The reason the phone looks brown is because the area/room they are in has a lot of brown there. There is just a lot of ambient reflection going on.

tim242 says:

Shut up Richard, you blabbering fool.

tayswg20 says:

Lol my sentiments exactly.

adinofaries says:


Lothinator says:


As LG has the next Nexus, I will certainly be buying this instead. Sold. Sign me up. Shut up and take my money Samsung!

davidk365 says:

Why still 4x4 grid of icons?
Well, someone has innovated a new row now, so yeah.
You don't want to get sued for having a 5x4 like the last time for having a 4x4.

Touchpaddle says:

I wonder if the Verizon version will have the same hardware specs.
(except for the radio, of course)

Alex1x says:

How about that black color + usb 3.0 + sharp 1080p... i guess ill get this and note 3 next year!

sndplace says:

Black yes, Not to many people have usb 3.0. I just got a computer that doesn't have it.

Sprint should be announcing there's soon. Can't wait! As Someone posted before. Samsung here $ take my money now.

trees247 says:

All that has to be said is that its LTE ready.

Motoki says:

Exactly. I wish someone who actually got to go hands on with the T-Mobile version would check for LTE or not. I want this phone but not if I'll just need to upgrade to a new LTE phone in 6 months or so.

Fedway says:

LTE is supported on the chip. It's just a matter of whether or not it will be enabled at launch (or later on for that matter).

cozzy123 says:

I love how samsung is backing up tmobile with high end devices. Hope some of the other manufactures do the same in the future.