The chin is back! Two years ago, here at Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled the Legend with its iconic unibody design and chin-first swagger. Today, in Barcelona, HTC resurrected that design in the HTC One V

The One V has a 3.7-inch WVGA Super LCD display at 480x800 resolution. It's rocking a Qualcomm 8255 at 1 GHz and has 512MB of RAM. Storage is a meager 4GB, but it's got that extra 25GB from Dropbox. The One V has a 1500 mAh non-removable battery.

We weren't allowed to touch the One V, and the software's not ready, so we didn't get to see it turned on. But we've got some exterior shots and video after the break.

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First look at the HTC One V


wow I'm really disappointed with these cheesey rinky dinky phones that their trying to push on customers Smh really? The G1 had the same concept ..and that phone was the pioneer for Android phones ... Why do I see this kind of phone in 2012? I might just stick to my EVO 3d because it looks just like all the new phones coming out nothin changed. So what if the internals look great .. you start with the outside going in not vice versa.

I just feel for anyone that buys this phone. I do not believe the specs are up to snuff to run sense/ICS well. People are much better off buying a high end/ midrange phone from last year running GB.
If it wasn't obvious, I think there's no room for a "low end" android due to the rapid updates to smartphones. All it's going to do is probably leave the user with a bad Android experience and drive them to that "other " platform

HTC moving to a non-removable battery makes this a non-starter for me. It is critical for me to be able to swap out the battery.

Not everyone can afford a mid or high level phone. Most customers don't even know what an update is. Expectation for people that cruse android forums are not the same as the average Joe who walks into a store to buy a phone.
However, I think the chin sucks. Hows that going to fit in your pocket nicely?

I hear where you coming from but that's why they have virgin mobile prepaid, t-mobile pre paid, boost pre paid, cricket pre paid and many more pre paid services with Android phones that are affordable.

Why should someone have to go to a pre-paid carrier simply because they don't want a high-end phone? I'm not saying those services aren't good, both my brother and father have cheap LG Android phones on Virgin. But my wife and I have a family plan on Verizon and when I go to replace my Incredible 2, I'll likely replace it with something like this if that's what it takes to keep to a max 4 inch screen, and I shouldn't have to start a separate plan with a prepaid carrier to do so.

How tight are your pants? The HTC Legend was my first Android phone and you can't feel the chin at all carrying it in your pocket.
I for one love the design. A friend of mine has the Legend still and everytime I see it I feel like buying one again.
Many people here are obsessed with specs but who really needs a quadcore phone today? Only those obsessing with it and those prone to getting swayed by smooth-talking salesmen. I think this phone will be perfectly good for the average consumer.

There is a niche for this phone,alot of people don't care about having the latest and greatest Android phone,they just want their needs met......not all of us need the bells and whistles.

Odd that your solution for people that "don't need the latest and greatest" would be to buy the latest phone announced from a maker. Wouldn't the solution for someone that "doesn't need the latest and greatest" be to... you know... not buy the latest phone announced?

All the carriers have really nice 6 month old phones available for peanuts, and they're all better equipped than something like this.


I realize this had been discussed to death, but its disappointing that HTC is moving to non-removable batteries. Does anyone know what the advantage is to the manufacturers that do this? there's gotta be a good reason HTC is going that route.

Well obviously it's cheaper to make it that way. I am sure the carriers are not happy about this. Now they can't rip customers off for a 50 dollar extended battery.

I'd imagine something like this being the conversation that lead to this device, "Our profit margins are way down in Q4, what can we do to boost profits?" "well, sir the biggest complaint in out devices is battery life. the other manufactures are putting bigger batteries in their devices ...I think if we put the same smaller batteries in out devices but don't allow the user to remove the battery the user won't know how samll our battery is compared to the competitors because they won't be able to see it! Sure, they can see the mAh but who the hell knows what that means?? none of us do! " "fucking genius, Bob!"


Or ... "Bill, we seem to be losing the battle with Samsung on the hot phones for Android geeks." "I get that Pete, listen, our new Windows Mobile phones are getting traction, some people are liking them, let's just make our Android phones no-brainers for the people who gravitate to iPhones because 'they just work' without any tinkering. LG's got more new phones than my pet octopus has got tentacles, let's cut our offering down to a simple, Ikea-like line of 'entry level,' 'fashionista,' and 'business power-user' phones. Worked for Nokia back in the day. And we'll keep the users out of the innards so they don't go breaking s*** trying to swap SIM cards, memory cards or (ugh) batteries. Deal?" "Wow, Bill, brilliant. I love this plan, I'm excited to be a part of it.[1] ... Sushi for lunch again?"

[1] Who ya gonna call?

This trend of low storage memory and non removable batteries is disturbing and it smells of a shift towards less choice.

Manufacturers are changing the experience Android and no one seems to care. I want SD cards, removable batteries and choice and the average customer will not know what to expect when the specs and features keep changing at the drop of a hat.