HTC Thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt just got released, and Android Central forums adviser Adrynalyne has already worked up a custom ROM.  


It's a basic stock setup with all the Verizon crapware value added software removed, based on the 1.12.605.9 RUU that has been floating around.  Besides the removal of the Verizonware, the ROM is deodexed, zip-aligned, and has the latest versions of Gmail and the Android Market.

Word is that this is just to get things started, and Adrynalyne will have something special for TBolters soon.  Keep your eyes peeled and visit the Android Central Thunderbolt forums for more news.  [Android Central forums]


Reader comments

First HTC Thunderbolt custom ROM [From the Forums]


Ooooo, Dr. you just made my morning. Jumping from Sprint to VZW in the near future due to poor coverage in my (new) area and was already mourning the loss of CM7 when I shifted from an Evo to TB.

you gotta be careful when saying stuff like "crapware value added software removed" because the word -crapware- was not "erased" on facebook, hence I read the full sentence and got o.O?

Dear AndroidCentral

I have tipped you many times with information about Custom Roms for the Motorola Atrix but you guys never posted anything.

The Atrix already has 2 custom roms please post although the Atrix is hard to Hack it is possible and it can change many peoples opinions.

In case you guys would like to write an article about the customs Roms on the atrix here is a link

Is it just because the HTC was hacked in your forum that you are posting this while the Atrix was hacked at XDA.

no one cares about the atrix.

motorola makes locked down garbage that no one wants.

anyone who is into loading and flashing roms/other things esp kernels should have NOTHING to do with motorola.

a phone maker who purposely locks down phones and loads them with crap like BLUR.

real phone makers dont lock the bootloader.

I dont know if you heard but the THunderbolt was locked down like crazy and the developers even said that they were lucky that the managed to unlock it.

Oh dang I guess I should return my Atrix and switch to Verizon to have the EVO 4G I mean Thunderbolt so I can carry around a charger for that sweet 3 hour long battery provided with it. SOLD!

I've had my tbolt off the juice for 16 hours, and it just died. As long as you don't use it too heavily and you have a good 4G connection, you will be fine. However, I've noticed that when you have a weak 4G connection, the phone's battery drains very quickly - probably 30% per hour (based off one data point). Last night I left it off the charger with 4G and wifi on and it only lost about 10% of battery life over night, so the phone can certainly hold a charge.

CRAP! Does this mean Adrynalyne has left the Fascinate behind?! This can't be possible. Who am I going to depend on for new updates and to get deodexed and customs roms for my phone. Sad day for me at least!

I haven't heard of a locked bootloader on the TBolt. Glad to see roms though. Probably going to wait a few weeks. I really like Sense, beats the pants off Blur. But will root and flash eventually. Good to know.

Saw the article. So I have to jump through hoops and cross my fingers again. Oh well. One thinfg I jave to say is that on the TBolt I experience none of the lag that I was on my DX. Transitions are really fast. Overall a stronger implementation of Android OS than Motorola. And Sense is actually a plus. I do admit to liking stock OS, and I will Jack this and it is a shame that HTC has gone this route. I mean their openness was what appealed to me. That said I do love this phone over my DX.

Unfortunately Racecar, Inthebox is right, although a tad bit blunt. Coming from a owner that had both the OG Droid and the Droid 2, the custom ROM scene is a barren waste land for there newer phone. Don't get me wrong, the OG Droid's hacker community was the best I have ever been a part of , but Motorola has killed the hacker interest in their products. The Droid 2, Droid X, Pro and soon to be Bionic are wonderful devices that deserve to be hacked and improved. That however is not Motorola's vision for their products. That is why chose the Thunderbolt over the more powerful phones coming in the next few months. HTC have always allowed modders and hackers to explore, create and thrive. I missed this with my Droid 2. I could never go through that again.

Custom roms don't mean much with a locked bootloader :(
I'm disappointed in htc; hopefully we will eventually find a way around this; locked bootloaders will eventually kill android if not defeated...

If we buy something it is ours. Where the hell do these companies get off telling us how to use our devices and what we're allowed to do with them. If I wanted that I'd switch to an iPhone. Android MUST be kept open in every way, from device to application. Forget these companies like mototola and possibly others who lock down OUR devices. Good news is they're only hurting themselves in the end.

I love how all of you fight over nothing, especially when you don't even have all the facts. The Tbolt has a locked bootloader. Its the first one. If this continues, HTC won't have an advantage over Moto anymore. Rooting can take place with a locked. bootloader, so that's not an issue. Roms can also work with a locked bootloader, its just more difficult. The only thing that is next to impossible on Moto and now possibly HTC is custom kernels. That is the holy Grail for all the excellent people working on this custom software for us. Lets do them a favor and support them rather than fight with each other. Everyone has their favorite devices. That doesn't make them wrong or stupid just because they are different from you. Lets all get along and help each other!

Just to clarify something:

A locked bootloader isn't the same as an encrypted bootloader, which is what makes people so annoyed about Motorola phones. Unlocking a bootloader is just one more step in the hacking process (and it has already been done with the Thunderbolt, as it was with the G2). Encrypting the bootloader is the big middle finger from Moto.

Thank you people dont understand samsung locks the bootloaders too it doesnt effect much but encrypted which motorola does to its bootloaders is much trickier