Leaked image reveals design similar to last year's HTC One

Rumors have been circulating for some time surrounding HTC's next flagship phone, the successor to the almost year-old HTC One, however until now we've yet to see anything concrete of the hardware of the purported "HTC M8." Today we're getting what's very likely our first look at HTC's next flagship phone, courtesy of an image posted on Twitter by Russian site The shot above shows a design very similar to last year's HTC One, the M7, with a one major, intriguing difference — dual rear-facing cameras.

There's one camera in the usual place, and another further along the top trim. The top camera hole seems slightly smaller than the bottom one, though that doesn't necessarily suggest anything about its hardware characteristics. There's also a dual-LED flash setup next to the larger of the two. However none of this tells us what HTC might have planned on the software side to take advantage of dual rear cameras — presumably something besides 3D imaging, which HTC and others flirted with in 2011.

A couple of other subtle differences are apparent — no Beats Audio logo (that we can see), and the tiny rear mic has switched sides too.

While it looks a lot like someone just added a couple extra holes to the back of an HTC One, sources familiar with the device tell us this is indeed a legitimate image of HTC's next big thing. And it's also backed up by recent remarks from serial leaker @evleaks, who this week tweeted that the M8 is "strikingly similar" to its predecessor.

To sum up: HTC's next flagship phone seem to be — in appearance at least — very much an HTC One. If true, that's not at all a bad thing. And seems the company has some interesting camera plans to succeed the M7's unorthadox "Ultrapixel" shooter. In any case, the previous HTC One was one of our top devices of last year, and we'll be watching with interest to see what the company brings to the table in 2014.

Any wild theories about what HTC might be doing with two rear cameras? Share them down in the comments!



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First HTC M8 photo shows dual rear cameras


I gave up my HTC One for a Nexus 5, but this new HTC is getting my attention!

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Stay with nexus programme ...I've got a HTC one,it just sits there gathering dust... Hope they don't kill off the line.
I'm backing that's a fingerprint scanner.

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Before we continue this talk.. Let's make it turn around and make it show us those bezels, and those front speakers. I hope those bezels are slim.

If it is dual cameras, I scratch my head. Surely one better camera would be more useful and less confusing to users. Could just be the IR blaster with the power button moved to the side?!

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HTC already moved the power button to the side in favor of keeping the IR blaster separate from it with the One Max. This is another sensor for imaging.

Software could make it so that the two cameras just make a better picture and not have to confuse the user.

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I sure hope it's not some reattempt at 3D. Although an earlier rumor hinted at day time exposure versus night time, so who knows.

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I read somewhere that the camera on top could be an 8-13mp(for day shots) camera and the bottom will be the 4-8 ultra pixle(for low light) camera. They also said that the top hole might not be a camera at all. It might be a finger print scanner.

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I tight the same thing about the two cameras. Perhaps one of the cameras could be used as a fingerprint sensor as well.

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Can't be a second camera IMO, too close to the edge (very bad ergonomically) and the design just looks odd... Why wouldn't they put them closer together or at least design them with the same external port?

Fingerprint scanner maybe? The location would make sense but the hole looks too small IMO... Could just be a dummy shell for a prototype phone and they've got a loose camera module in there or something.

Another radical idea would be including two vastly different focal lengths... Traditionally smartphone cameras are all in the 28mm to 35mm equivalent focal length range, those at 28 or wider can suffer from distortion when shooting things we easily recognize as distorted (buildings, people portraits), whereas those closer to a classic 35mm FL will obviously not capture as much of a landscape or larger scenes (indoor group shots etc).

Maybe HTC went crazy and put in two different FL, something like 24mm & 35mm... Or maybe they optimized one camera for some situations (wide aperture + "ultrapixel" sensor for low light) and the other for something else (more MP in decent light shots? 4k video?).

My money's still on that not being a final design, as tidy as it looks... Not terribly hard to take a One blank and mill some extra holes for prototyping.

Darn, took too long to write my reply and got sniped... ;) IR isn't a bad theory but it's larger than it needs to be for that and the top edge is still the ideal location given how you'd hold a phone even using it as a remote.

Fingerprint scanner makes the most sense location wise IMO, similar to the old Atrix scanner (that one almost wrapped around the top edge but that's probably a pain on a metal unibody)... Hole just looks a little on the small side for that tho.

I haven't held a One in a couple of weeks tho, maybe the camera hole is larger than I'm thinking.

That would be the dumbest place for an ir blaster.

The lens difference is an intriguing idea... Kinda like it.

Still laugh at the thought of the HTC One Two 3D LTE - A potential for a name....

I will laugh harder if it is 3d

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

That would actually be the perfect location for an ir blaster, this is what I wrote over on phandroid:

"Now I use my One's ir functions all the time but because the ir blaster is on the top of the device when I use it I have to use it like its an actual remote(obviously) where I now have to point my device at the direction of the tv(or whatever else) and by doing that I lose sight of what is on the screen. Its not like its a standard remote where you can feel the buttons and know what you are pressing. With this design I can have full view of what is on my screen and be able to control my other devices at the same time with out having to point being that the ir blaster will always be facing the device when the phone is in my hand when I am using it."

Agree with Impulses, the top placement of a second lens would easily be infringed upon with my finger. I have to be careful with the standard lens placement.

Not a fan of fingerprint scanner as on switch or unlock. IR ok but agree with NoNexus seems unnecessarily large for IR. Perfectly happy with IR use/placement on the HTC One.

I'm now concerned about potential disappointment. HTC can't afford to F this up.

Well the leak did say it could say it would bump up to 8mp ultrapixel, didn't mean that it would be one camera.

I would rather guess that it is something else entirely but the placement is goofy.

Still went with scratch & dent from the looks of it.

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

In thinking maybe it'll be a bigger resolution ultra pixel camera and then a more standard high rez camera.
Whatever the case, so long as it drivers on image quality, that should deliver

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That looks awesome. Can't want to see what HTC has in store.

This and the Galaxy S5 are my 2 most hyped devices, and I hope both deliver.

That said, please no 3D. 3D on smartphones is a worthless gimmick.

They could be trying what Apple has done with the iPhone 5S. Use two flashes of different color temperatures to improve the white balance of the final photo.

Two flashes does not mean 2 cameras. It would be for better low light photographs.

I feel this image is Photoshop/Paintshop Pro job. I don't see HTC leaving the back of the phone so similar to the One. There would be more noticeable differences than just the mic, duel flash and rumoured 2nd camera. The white segregation lines would be different and the shape a a whole world also differ. But hey , that's my opinion. HTC have always made something different from the last.

However I am willing to take into consideration that HTC might want to use the same form factor to save costs.

Only the release will reveal all.

Look at the Galaxy. Samsung doesn't drastically change it every year. Especially from the S3 to S4. We could very well see a similar design this year as more companies are realizing customers dont want some crazy shot in the dark every year. Its nice to keep a consistent look to your devices for easy brand recognition and familiarity.

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They need to cut costs somehow and the One is a darn fine design, so they should keep it.

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Because SPECS!!!!!!!!!

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I'm just hoping for 32 GB internal storage AND expendable storage

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Its the HTC 3D Gen 2 with ultra-pix!!!

God I remember I bought into that.... An Evo 3D

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I was going to say "At least you weren't the only one," but judging by the Evo 3D's sales figures, you may have been. :)

But that phone was pretty solid aside from the stupid 3D gimmick, right?

If there are 2 cameras on the back and that small space isn't something else like a fingerprint scanner (I hope not), then here's what I'd like to see...
The smaller camera acts as a pre-shot assist, determining scene type, exposure and even pre-focus so that the main Ultrapixel camera takes a shot the instant you touch the button.
That would fix my biggest beef with Android cameras, the shutter lag, and would be a killer feature.
It's also highly unlikely.
I can dream though, can't I?

Don't generalize. The Note 3 doesn't stutter on taking a picture.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Only going by the phones I've shot photos with:
Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound, Moto X, iPhone 4, 4S and 5.
Not an all encompassing list, but a pretty damn good sample. Sad to say, but Ive yet to see an Android camera that shoots at anywhere near the speed of an iPhone. My Rezound actually came the closest of these, and took marvelous photos. Sad that HTC/Verizon had to ruin it with a bug-laden ICS update that never got fixed.
The Note 3 and the new HTC One(?) are on my short list for my upgrade next month. I've got a buddy who just got a Note 3, I'll have to ask him if I can shoot a few shots with it and see how it performs.

Shoot some pictures with the HTC One also. Absolutely no lag, rapid review, and the Zoe and Highlights features in Sense 5 & 5.5 are extraordinary.

I'd like to, but no one I know owns one and all the shops around here don't have functioning demos. I really want to see what this upgraded One can do.
I was leaning toward a Note 3 and just eliminate my 7" tablet, but the more I use my wife's Note 2, I just don't think I'll like carrying that behemoth around for the next 18-24 months.
Who knows, I've got 5 more weeks before I have to decide.

This is my next phone. I hope they bring the black one out on release day too. Very interested to see if this is a duel camera or a fingerprint scanner.

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I don't have any wild theories about the two rear cameras, but I'm looking forward to HTC releasing this device, although it looks a lot like the current flagship. Hopefully the next leak will feature the front because I'm curious about the screen size, bezel, etc.

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Very interesting, I do hope it is a major upgrade to the camera, would really love all manufacturers to heavily upgrade camera hardware on flagship devices

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So HTC can keep the same identical design and get no slack... S3 and s4 was close in looks, different camera shapes etc and caught all kinds of slack... But I guess HTC one was so perfect last year why change... Htc gets a pass...

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I agree with you the one is great. But you bring up a great topic here.I think the issue here. Isn't about companies not changing design styles. What matters is if people like the design.The industiral design of the one is KILLER.It would be a shame for them to change it in any significant manner.Don't get me wrong.Plastic is fine.But htc has always been great with hardware.It's what we have come to know them for.I think to a larger point(not talking to you here). Some people really like the samsung design language. They don't mind the plastic.Just because our community of android nerds freaks out about samsung's plastic.Doesn't mean society as a whole is..I think we need to remember that what we see in this house of tech is only true for a small number of likeminded indivudials.

Why do you think Samsung stuck with the same design? It's obvious they want it to be recognizable, regardless if it's an s3 or s4 you know it's a "galaxy" phone so that's what Htc is trying to do if this sells well enough along with the current one they will have something people will instantly recognize. Also Htc needs to market the hell out of this phone if they want to stay a float .

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Up there? That is quite possible the worst/most awkward place on the whole phone you could put a finger print scanner. I don't think so.

Man, you take a beautifully designed HTC One and throw what appears to be another camera and flash on it and it gets ugly fast. :/

Kinda a gripe of form over function, but it would look better if one flash was on each side of the camera.

I hope they add a micro SD slot. Now that you can cache music and movies from Google play to the external storage, the sdcard is a nice thing to have.

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Could it be a night vision or thermal imaging camera? I'm not sure why you'd need or want one but it could be an interesting feature.

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lol. That's actually kind of a cool idea, but I doubt you could fit a FLIR camera into a cell phone chassis, or make it cheap enough that it wouldn't double the cost of the phone. Would be fun to play with, though :)

EDIT: Actually, a quick Google search did find a pretty small FLIR camera for sale. Too bad it's $36,000. LOL.

I'd post the link, but I can't. Just Google "FLIR Camera".

Perhaps they are going for the HDR effect. One camera takes low light focus and the other focus will be the bright light and y hey combine them using software for a balanced picture.

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The little hole at the top is probably a tiny screen for selfies.

Posted via the TARDIS.

I thought it's there to act more like the Lytro cameras out there. I'm not sure if that's the best place for a fingerprint scanner. But if the front bezels are really small then they would have to slide it around back.

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Maybe it's a light meter for the camera. Or it could be a component for some kind of exclusive accessory that we have yet to see -- maybe something from beats.

My guess is that it will have one of those cameras that let's you focus in or out on a certain part of the photo, AFTER the photo is already taken.

The second, smaller camera could be used to add depth to photos and also some nifty post picture tweaks such as refocusing etc. I would think this would improve HDR mode as well. Just my two cents.

Isn't it a lytro style focus after you take a picture camera? I thought I saw LG just released a dual 5MP camera like this for all manufacturers to buy?


Those don't go into production until April, though, which means that HTC wouldn't be able to bring this phone to market until late summer if they used those modules.

This looks like what the HTC One SHOULD have looked like last year. With all the rumors about the M8, it seems HTC falls one step behind. However, I LOVE my HTC One. Htc One 2014.

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Snapdragon 805, 1080P, 5~5.2", then I am sold!
Updated my hTC ONE X to Sense 5, it becomes amazingly fast! Love hTC SENSE!

Surprisingly enough, I'm not tempted by this. I'm actually content with my Moto X and not itching to change.

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This image matches the leaked HTC M8 soft cases that were leaked several weeks ago. Looks legit to me - not as stylistic as the original One, but I'm still really looking forward to this phone.

Don't really care if the M8's got 4 cameras or a finger print sensor.
My concern is the size of the bezels and how they'd fit in with the 2 front speakers. Last year's flagship (HTC One) had a kilometre bezel which looked so ugly with the button placement was just off.
Rumour has it the M8 comes with onscreen nav buttons. Hope this makes it better than the One tho still remains a solid device.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I was really impressed with the overall design of the One, so I personally don't see a need for any major cosmetic changes.

I really wanted (not needed) to upgrade the One last year, but didn't. I was in the Sprint store the other day and found myself still drooling over it :-) As long as the camera is significantly improved this year, I think I'll be on the HTC One bandwagon as soon as it's available, as as long as it's Spark enabled for Sprint (which I'm sure it will be)


C'mon HTC, hurry up and put this phone out. I'm dying to get off of Sprint's crappy network and sign up with Verizon. Please don't make me buy an S5.

What? You don't want a taco-shaped, iris-scanning super Sammy with magazine UX and whole load of S-App goodness?? Say it ain't so...

Do yourself a favour! Don't buy from either! Get unlocked international version. Then you won't have to up with any of their crap services.

I like the idea of two camera sensors, current cameras are a compromise. HTC could do one tuned for low light conditions, and the other for outdoors.