FEMA Android appFEMA Android app

Just in time for Hurricane Irene to work its way up the East Coast, the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- you know 'em as FEMA -- has released an android app full of useful tips, checklists, contact numbers and the latest news for before, during and after a disaster. We're not just talking hurricanes here. We're talking all disasters, like earthquakes and floods and Verizon not getting a Galaxy S II.

We've got a handful of screenshots and download links after the break.

Source: FEMA

FEMA Android appFEMA Android app

FEMA Android appFEMA Android app

FEMA Android appFEMA Android app

FEMA Android appFEMA Android app


Reader comments

FEMA's Android app is full of emergency preparedness goodness


Why is there what appears to be the same app in the Market but by "popculture101" or something? The description makes it sound like it's the real FEMA app, but it isn't.

Reported to Google... maybe they'll check it out before a million people download it and get malware.

The legit version looks neato. But after Katrina and the way the military and cops handled things, I think I'll refrain from putting my meetup location info and such in this app. I don't want to get disarmed/cuffed/shot if avoidable. LOL!

Not sure it it actually has malware. Just one of those bogus link apps that link to a website by one these nitwits who can't write real apps. And there are ads.

FEMA is the same group of pricks that are paid for by insurance companies in Florida and Michigan (other states too) that charge people for living on a Flood Plain, even when their house has historically never even come close to being in a flood plain in 100 years. People in Florida successfully filed suit against FEMA by hiring engineers and proving them a group of frauds.

FEMA loves us .. pff.

Just remember, we are not getting it, because we are getting a better version soon.

That is what I am telling myself at least.

Don't hold your breath for the Nexus Prime because before verizon ever see's that handset it will land on Sprint and Tmobile first..Verizon will be VERY LUCK TO SEE THAT HANDSET IN JANURARY 2012 AT BEST...

Any way of finding out how long this app has been ready? The voices inside my tinfoil hat wonder if they've been sitting on this for a while, until the right people were in harm's way.

Okay, so the government has Android developers (there's a joke in there somewhere). Can they head on over to NOAA and help them get a decent weather app? Or at least make their mobile page worthwhile?

If the NOAA made a weather-radio type app that gave me weather alerts using my current location, I would install and run that sucker 24/7.

I am rarely home to hear my SAME-enabled weather radio warn me of impending doom. I am usually at work, in a store, or on the road from work to home. My dot-gov isn't properly protecting me from nature.