Have you ever wanted to share your new Doodle Jump high score with all your friends only to realize that the game lacked the ability to publish your score to Facebook? The Official Facebook SDK for Android developers was released today, allowing communication between native Android apps and the Facebook social network. One feature that the Android edition of the SDK has that the iPhones version lacks is the Graph API that was displayed at Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference last month. The Android SDK also includes the latest installment of OAuth authentication, version 2.0, which enables the user to publish stories to Facebook via Feed forms.

With more than 100 million people accessing Facebook on their mobile phones every month, this SDK will give Android developers even more room to develop and explore. When it comes down to it, it’s the developers that define where an SDK goes and what it’s ultimately capable of and with Android being one of the fastest growing mobile platforms, it's apparent that there's nowhere but up. [Facebook]


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Facebook releases SDK for Android


We have an android Facebook app?!? I keep hitting that blue colored F app on my Droid, but it just keeps saying null error...

You guys really need to take a class in programming - all this announcement means is you can hook into facebook with your app - like announcing high scores, or that you downloaded something or something.