Frozen Yogurt Android

Pardon the name dropping, but the SPE crew shared a limo ride with Android Senior Project Manager Erick Tseng at CES, and he asked us what we thought the "F" version of Android (remember that the nicknames are going alphabetically) would be. Of course, "Flan" had been the front-runner for some time, and we were scratching our heads at what else it could possibly be. Given that C was "Cupcake," D was "Donut" and E was "Eclair," following down the pastry trail seemed like a given.

Turns out, we were all way off. The next version of Android, Tseng told Engadget today, will be known as "Froyo," short for frozen yogurt. That opens up a realm of dessert possibility we hadn't considered before.

Now that that's out of the bag, what do you think G will be?


Reader comments

F is for Froyo, not Flan, Android exec says


Has anyone not realized that it's apparently NOT a PASTRY theme for the names? Even with Flan it couldn't have been....Flan is not a pastry, it's a custard. Dessert theme, maybe. Pastry? Not so much.

+1 for gelatin

was gonna say goobers but they won't pick anything that is trademarked. It would have to be something generic.

I favour Gingersnap or Gingerbread.

I am also looking forward to P. Panetoni, anyone?

Y'think that the Android developers should seriously consider dieting? :p