HTC One (M7)

Update will be available later this spring

While today's HTC event was all about the new HTC One (M8), we got some good news for folks using the current model. HTC says they are committed to keeping their phones updated, and part of that is providing the latest version of HTC Sense to phones capable.

HTC has been pretty transparent about their update process, and this is the sort of news we all love to hear.


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Existing HTC One owners will be updated to Sense 6


I just crapped my pants with excitement and it smells good.
*it's cause I actually use blinkfeed
That's how you take care of customers who INVESTED in your product

Just out of curiosity, what do you use in your BlinkFeed? I don't do any social networking so I disabled it as I saw no real use to it.

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I watched the live stream, I wonder if the people who own Desires 601 are included since the HTC One mini is nearly the same

Well HTC did say they'd support the phone for 2 years so not surprised.

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I wonder how many of the updated Sense apps this morning would be compatible then with the M7 once Sense 6.0 is released?

How will the update be delivered, and how will we be notified once it is available? Will it come via Google Play, or OTA?

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Hopefully the Motion Gestures are included. From developers over on XDA, it should be possible to do if they update the kernel.

Kit Kat and 5.5 are supposed to be coming to the DNA in April...not too far behind a lot of mfrs non-GPE flagships. I think that is actually pretty darn excellent for a phone that has been on the market for almost a year and half, and for a Verizon-specific phone no less. I give kudos to HTC for stepping up their upgrade game recently. Can we really expect them to reach back three generations with Sense upgrades, given how rapidly the hardware technology is advancing?

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Now I'm wondering if HTC has made a decision on getting KitKat to the AT&T-branded One X yet. I love the new effort they're putting into getting timely software updates to customers.

I have a One, never used blinkfeed. It was okay to begin with but it loses its appeal quickly.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

Nice, but really AT&T is the problem with that plan. It'll probably be 2015 before we see anything.

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Great news! If Sense 6 is actually available during the spring, it'll feel like I only used Sense 5.5 for a brief time.

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if i wanna update this coming feature.. do i hav to unroot my phone running (OS 4.4.2, sense 5.5)..??????. and kernel version running... 3.4.10-Bulletproof-14.2...will this update feature cause any effect on my One?????????????...