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The EVO is a 4G Android phone for Sprint with a massive screen, larger than anything you've used. The phone is fast and can run any of the tens of thousands of apps in the Android Market. It has an excellent camera and even does video chatting. Big, bold, and fast: the EVO 4G is an amazing phone.

Announced Date: 
May 12, 2010
Android Central Reader Rating: 
Average: 4.6 (297 votes)


Evo 4G documentation

How to root the Evo 4G

Note: This isn't difficult, but nor is it necessarily for beginners. Read our instructions here.

Once your have your EVO 4G, you're going to want to consider some accessories. A case for protection, memory cards for extra storage, screen protectors to, well, protect the screen, maybe a Bluetooth headset. To help find what you need, consult our handy EVO 4G Accessories Guide.

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