Mobi Products - HTC Evo 4G Charging Cradle with spare battery charger.

If you're currently thinking about buying an external wall charger for your spare Evo battery, an extra USB charging/sync cable, or some sort of charging/media dock for your Evo 4G, then the Mobi Products Charging Cradle with Spare Battery Charger might be a better investment, simply because you get all three of these in one unit.

If you're anything like me, the last surface you want to rest your shiny new smartphone on is a hard, unforgiving desktop; peppered with scratch-happy microscopic dirt and debris that are going to do nothing but reak havoc on your device's nice clean finish. I avoid setting my Evo down on tables and countertops at all cost. If I've got to, I make sure to give it a good once over with my hand, and then set it down very gently. Although the Evo comes with a built-in kickstand, it's not quite sturdy enough for my liking, but that's not to say I don't use it, because I do, and rather frequently. But for my money, nothing beats a nice sturdy charging cradle, complete with USB sync capabilities, and a spare battery charging slot.

Check out some more pictures and get my thoughts on this unit after the break.

After you've got it all out of the box, the first and only step of the setup process is to merely plug it into one of your computer's USB ports. Now it's ready for your device. Simply lower your Evo down onto the microUSB plug, make sure it's inserted all the way, and that's it. Once you get it down into place, you will notice it doesn't sit quite flush on the base. It wobbles just a bit in all directions, but this is easily remedied, and by no means a dealbreaker for me. By laying down a few strips of electrical tape on the base and rear of the charging seat, I was able to get a nice firm wobble-free fit.

In order utilize the battery charging slot built into this cradle, you'll need to connect the additional plug (included) to an AC wall outlet. USB ports don't supply the juice necessary to simultaneously charge the spare battery, and charge/power your Evo, so drawing power from a secondary source is absolutely necessary. It is, as they say, the nature of the beast. This could be an annoyance to some, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest, nor will it bother you if you don't have a spare battery. I do make use of it once in a while though, simply because I like to make sure my Evo's firmware isn't interfering with an honest-to-goodness full charge. I could go on for days (a few minutes) about how much I dislike the Evo's float charge cycle, but that's for another time.


  • Doubles as a spare battery charger.
  • Provides a safe spot to rest your Evo.
  • Charges via USB, which frees up its factory charging cable for other uses.


  • Doesn't fit as snug as I'd like.  Wobbles around a bit much when it's sitting in the cradle.
  • Wish the base were a bit heavier so I could remove the phone without having to secure the base with my other hand.

Other thoughts:

After a few days with this cradle, I grew to like it quite a bit.  I do have to take points off for its slight wobbliness, but it is easily fixed, and really doesn't sway my opinion too heavily.  Some people won't like the idea of making very slight modifications to improve device stability, and that's to be expected.  Furthermore, I wish there was more of a "back" to the charging seat.  Just a piece of plastic the width of the Evo, and runs about two inches up the back would really help secure the Evo in its place.

This Mobi Products HTC Evo 4G Charging Cradle with Spare Battery Slot is available now in the Android Central store.




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Evo 4G accessory review: Mobi Products charging cradle with spare charger


When plugged into a PC, does it allow the phone to connect, or does it just draw power for charging? I know some docks do the latter.

Edit: Answered my own question. From the Android Central Store's description:
"Synchronize while device is docked in cradle"
I'm adding this to my Christmas list!

Sorry, unrelated, can anyone tell me where those icons are from?

I have a similar dock for my Desire that I got from ebay and its great!

Yeah i know its typoclock, the multi-icon widget and launcherpro, I just want to know where the find the icons lol

Nice homescreen

iphone who?

Metro Ui what?

I have the home button set to show/hide the notification bar. Other than that, well done.

Sweet. The EVO is my fantasy phone, but I need something like it to be on T-Mobile in time for my bounce from AT&T. :-)

The only way I know of to change icons (assuming you mean in the status bar) is by applying a theme, or by using a ROM that has some other theme cooked into it. The XDA Themes and Apps forum has plenty to choose from.

As for the rest of the home screen, that look can definitely be accomplished using Launcher Pro.

I wouldn't bother with this product. The one made for the Incredible has nothing but problems with the usb plug to the phone being deffective. They are poorly made, and do not allow for phones with cases.

I picked up an HTC desktop dock for Evo at a Sprint store this weekend. I like it because it docks the HDMI port as well as the USB, the USB port supports data as well as charging, and it's very beautiful, a gloss black monolith with Evo-matching curves and rubberized bottom. The HDMI port on the back is regular-sized and it comes with a regular HDMI cable. It does not charge an extra battery or come with a USB cable.

I think the reviewer's Evo is rooted, ROM'd and themed.

I've got what appears to be the same unit, bought from a Hong Kong vendor on ebay. It looks, and works, exactly as described above, right down to the wobbles.

At the moment, it's sitting in a box, unused. I really don't trust this device. The only thing that holds the phone in the cradle is the usb jack. There's no support around the sides of the phone, and no support in the front. Bump the phone while it's in the cradle, and all the force of the bump goes directly into that USB jack. That doesn't seem like a good design to me.

But if anyone wants to buy mine, PM me.

If you don't plug in the USB cable, does the AC cord still charge both the phone and the spare battery?

It would be nice to see a dock that allows for access to the hdmi port if needed too, maybe throw in some suction cups on the bottom to keep it grounded better...

had this exact cradle/charger for a few months... my USB port came loose and i needed a replacement device >_<

in either case; i carry around two batteries and this makes for a great spare charger.