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If you're an event organizer and are looking to make organizing events a little easier, maybe take a look at Evenbrite's Easy Entry Android app. It aims to make running a live event much easier on the organizers (thus the name, right?). And having gone to an event or 20 over the past few months, we feel pretty safe in saying that any help is appreciated.

Easy Entry lets guests check in by their name, or by scanning a QR code printed on an Eventbrite ticket. The app also tracks live sales and monitors attendace data, so organizers can decide when to shut the doors, and when to sell tickets at the door. Plus, all data is synced to Evenbrite's servers in real time, so you can use multiple devices at a single event.

We've got a few more screen shots and download links after the break.

Eventbrite Easy Entry Eventbrite Easy Entry


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Eventbrite Easy Entry app looks to make organizers' lives a little easier


Yeah, the only thing that blows is that the actual customers of an event (like me) have to bear the burden of the event organization when you use these event programs.

I am a bicyclist, and I recently signed up for a bike tour, the only way they allow. I had to pay an extra $7 just to pay for their event service. The ride was $20 something, and I had to pay an extra $7? F that.

I bet they forget to mention this part.

@michaelalanjones.......actually you are mistaken. eventbrite has a 2.5% + $.99 fee per ticket sold to the event organizer. the organizer can either eat the cost, pass the cost on to you, or inflate the "convenience" charge to you for additional profit.

George is correct: the fee can either be rolled into the price of the ticket, or it can be added on as an extra fee. The event organizer decides which method they will use to pay for the service. Personally, I'm using eventbrite for an upcoming event and we just rolled the eventbrite fee into the registration cost so attendees don't even know that there's a fee. Sounds like the bike tour organizers decided to make the fee a little more visible.

Also, anyone can use Eventbrite to organize an event; if your event is free, you don't pay a fee to use the service. You only pay if your event costs money. It's pretty sweet.

I use Eventbrite for many events that I am in charge of ticketing for. Great company and excellent support. They are constantly pushing out new, useful features. Absolutely no way is Eventbrite charging $7 on a $20 ticket.