Android 4.4.3 for HTC One M8

Technically Android 4.4.3, but with security fixes from 4.4.4

Just days after the U.S. unlocked and developer edition HTC One M8 got its update to Android 4.4.3 KitKat, the new firmware is today starting to hit unlocked devices in parts of Europe. The over-the-air update to software version 2.22.401.4, weighing in at a whopping 613MB, includes a wealth of changes and fixes...

System Improvements

  • Android 4.4.3
  • Security fixes

Performance optimization

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile network

Application updates

  • Camera
  • Gallery (Image Match)
  • Settings (Power History)
  • HTC Sync Manager

Sense experience optimization

  • Boomsound
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode
  • Motion Launch
  • Quick Setting

As with the other 4.4.3 update for the HTC One M8, this one includes all the security fixes from Android 4.4.4 as well, so you're updating to what's essentially the latest version of Android, despite the older version numbers.

The European M8 update is hitting devices including our unlocked Nordic handset; devices in this region are usually among the first with software updates. As usual, other countries and carrier-locked versions may take a little longer to receive the update.

If you're updating your HTC One M8 to Android 4.4.3 today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on!


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European HTC One M8 gets Android 4.4.3 update


Hi, I'm relatively new to android and have a question: I'm currently rooted on my htc one m8 with 4.4.2, can I update to 4.4.3, how (ota/pc whatever) and can we still use the toolkit (if it's necessary to root again or unlock the bootloader again)? Thanks for your answer in advance, and please don't hate everyone was a noob one time ;)

Shouldn't need to, I'm in the same boat and in the past updates have popped up as soon as they hit the UK.

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Got my m8 from cpw its on voda but unlocked got the update through today unsure weather to do it or nit though as my sam s3 got worse after uupdates

Three use unlocked phones so should have the update as soon as possible hopefully (I'm with three too)

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Hmmm, it's definitely branded though. I get the Three logo on startup. So I'm guessing they have to verify it before pushing it out.

Pretty much. If you check the software version on your phone, it should be 1.12.771.17. The 771 part means that it's the Three UK variant of the phone's OS. Phones that come direct from HTC or somewhere like Amazon or Carphone Warehouse will have the standard version (noted with a 401 instead of 771). There isn't really much difference between the two, but the 771 version still has to be approved by Three before HTC will push it out, which is why there is sometimes a delay.

For those who have received this update, how's the signal reception both WiFi and cellular?

Also with the new file manager, is it fully functional?


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I still neef to unlock my device i foundation a website on how to do it. But i broek my phone ones while trying and I'm a bit scared now

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Thank god I converted my T-Mobile version to unlocked model and got the update already. Imagine waiting for updates from the useless US carriers.

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Sadly no luck for the update here in Germany. Hope I will get it soon. Cant wait anymore and hope accu performance get better with the update.

Went to currys today and while checking with their one m8 update, 4.4.3 came up. Cross checked with my unlocked m8, no updates found (4.4.2). Wonder why?

No update for me here either, I have tweeted @htc and @htc_uk asking what the score is - I will let you know if I hear anything.

True. I've got an unlocked simfree m8 as well and haven't got it yet. I tweeted HTC UK but got no response

Hi I gained S-OFF using SunShine and have changed my Cid to SuperCid 11111111 but im not getting OTA notification. Am I missing something my bootloader say my Cid is 11111111, but its no go.

strangest thing i got my update after supercid my bootloader but it wont install after finish downloading and rebooting into recovery.

strangest thing i got my update after supercid my bootloader but it wont install after finish downloading and rebooting into recovery.

Sorry I can't help, I'm on a limited Internet connection at work just now, so won't be able to actually download it for a week or so? You could try changing your CID to HTC__001 after downloading?

That's my only idea, sorry.

Edit, mine has actually stopped showing the update when I check. Just says my phone is up to date. Weird.

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Thanks man no prob, but I eventually fix it went through hell trust me, because I had rooted my stock rom before and deleted most of the HTC apps like kid mode and other ones and it wouldn't let me update the system because of that. So I had to flash a totally stock 1.54.401.10 and stock recovery and then I finally got the update to go through man, got no sleep whatsoever last night lol.

Was just informed by HTC_UK via twitter in response to my question that it's yet to arrive in UK and we should expect it in the next few weeks

I don't get it, I phoned HTC three times. Each time different answer. One person said it depends on the device serial number when one will receive the update as they're doing in patches. I called cust service on 02036845000, if anyone here wants to try.
But I know that 3 mobile store and phones4u display phones are ready to update as I checked for the update in store.

I don't get it, I phoned HTC three times. Each time different answer. One person said it depends on the device serial number when one will receive the update as they're doing in patches. I called cust service on 02036845000, if anyone here wants to try.
But I know that 3 mobile store and phones4u display phones are ready to update as I checked for the update in store.

Guy's regarding the UK- I used to work for HTC tech support. The updates are pushed out in serial batches- if you go to this link it shows what stage UK is at- (currently integration. once it says push to customer bring up your dial pad and dial in *#*#2432546#*#* a notification witll pop up saying checkin succeeded, then go to about phone and check for updates . The checkin basically pushes your phone to the next batch to be pushed from the it a queue jump.!!! please note this will only work once integration stage has passed .. Happy updating :)

Just had an email from HTC , their reply is as follows:-"the 4.4.3 UK update is under investigation at the moment(therefore suspended) as soon as developers fix all the difficulties then it will be released once again"

oh and display phones are basically test devices so get them ahead of initial release- they have no warranty and a special serial number!

Are u using the Uk version? I also have problem regarding OTA. im cur
rently using a rooted stock recovery UK variant here in the philippines.

Just to add to my previous comments- doesn't stop me getting annoyed that they are taking sooo long in the UK when more devices are sold here than the rest of Europe- It makes noooo sense

Totally agree UK should be one of if not the 1st European country to get it I'm still waiting and my device is a unlocked variant its getting rather frustrating

I'm sick of waiting gonna get the G3 end of month its getting a joke HTC supposed to have turned a corner with updates yeah my backside!

Yes same here, I came from Sony to HTC for the fast updates but I was wrong. Even Sony has 4.4.4 for the past month. Big mistake HTC.

Only thing I'm gonna miss on the m8 is boomsound and build quality G3 is the nicest phone to look at on the market at the minute removable battery and a QHD 2K screen HTC have lost my custom as I bet they have quite a few people I should imagine

It's 3.30am in Australia sleep all day cause broke my arm playing a game and OTA update popped up optus branded phone I get the company logo on boot. If you don't get it I would listen to the post that jumps you up the queue

why is the UK the only one with technical issues? obviously different countries have different bandwith etc but it can't be any different with the UK than the rest of the world? Just like everything in this stupid country we are the last to get anything right haha

200Mbs left, so curious to see what is new. Not much likely but still. :D It feels so warm and fuzzy inside when you know you are running latest on your phone. Android L please come sooner. Pleaaasssse :(

It just annoying, i'm waiting since July 28, and ahhhhhhh still didn't receive it, I have unlocked version and i'm living in KSA, i even contacted the company several times, and the answer is always: "As soon as it is available, we'll notify you"... -_-

Finally got it in KSA, it didn't affect my battery life for those who ask... Good-luck for those who hadn't receive it yet. :D

there will still be a certain element of queing- what that code does is as the update is sent in batches of a few 1000, it will make sure it gets sent in the next batch to push

I have downloaded the latest update, and my phone stopped recognizing incoming calls stored with international prefix code.

I've received a notification of the OTA update (O2 UK). But tbh I'm a little scared to install it! On my M7 an update led to massive battery drain issues! And there was no help available for the issue. I get great battery life atm. I did a quick search and it seems that people in the US have been experiencing battery drain after the update! Has anyone out there in Europe installed the update? Especially anyone on O2 in the UK? Id be interested to hear if anyone's having probs or not.

I have the same question !!
I've got an m8 and I've already received the update but I haven't updated it yet , as I've heard that at&t have halted updates for its users after users have reported in a massive drain in battery post - update. I'm waiting for the android l version which HTC will release after 90 days after Google gives the authority !!

Week ago I've got the update notification on my M7, but still didn't run the update, because before with my Xperia S did the same thing and had a massive issue with battery. (instead charging once a week, I had to charge it every 2-3 days)
I'll wait and see what will happen with this 4.3.3 update on M7, and how long battery will last after the update.
Location Australia.