I'm sitting here in the airport in Atlanta (aka my second home), waiting for the hop out to Vegas and watching the misery that is trying to get out of the Northeast this morning as we all head to CES. Thinking good thoughts for all the journos trying to get to the desert. 

Folks usually have plenty to say about flying through ATL, but I've always found it to be pretty easy. The seven (seven!) concourses are easily laid out and easy to get to. The new international terminal is gorgeous, and worth swinging by if you have time, even if you're flying domestically. Want a taste for what some of the world's better international airports look like? There you go. It's hard to believe F (and to a lesser extent, E) are in the same airport as T through D.

Here in Atlanta, it's just cold and foggy. Good luck to everyone working their way to Vegas.

By the way ...  You can find all our CES coverage here!

And now, a few other thoughts rollin' around the ol' melon. ...

  • So the developer behind Timely got picked up by Google. Good stuff. I presume there was money involved, but Google, in its reply to us Saturday evening, declined to give any more details.
  • And it's worth remembering that just because Timely effectively was purchased (or whatever) by Google, it doesn't necessarily mean the stock Android alarm clock will become Timely. Maybe it was an acqui-hire, where you buy a company for the people rather than for the product. Or maybe it was for a feature. Or something else entirely. I saw a handful of headlines that were getting a little ahead of themselves.
  • Our Qualcomm Toq review should be going up today (if not already). The short, short version: Pretty nice smartwatch, with room for improvement, but the color is not a selling point. And it's expensive.
  • Some interesting discussion on Google Glass from the past couple weeks. Start with Mat Honan's piece in Wired. There's a lot I agree with there. (in fact, I ended up not bringing Glass with me to CES for any number of those same reasons.)
  • Then move on to Robert Scoble's follow-up. Never mind the link-baity title. I also agree with a lot that Scoble says. I'd be really surprised if Glass (at least as it stands now) makes it as a viable, commercial product this year. Pick your reason. 
  • And you know what? That's OK. That's what I was getting at in our inaugural Through Glass column. Glass, right now, is all about being ridiculous and a little bit of an asshole (OK, Glasshole) and figuring out what we can and should and shouldn't do with it. It's meant for Exploring. 
  • Daring Fireball's John Gruber is still looking at Glass like it's something everyone's supposed to want to buy this year, like it's a normal commercial product. And it's not. But through the eyes of an Apple pundit, it makes sense. Why release some sort of experimental, uber-beta product for people to buy?
  • Because that's what Google does. And now we have a name for it — Explorers.
  • On the other hand, maybe I'm too forgiving of the beta tag.
  • But I don't think we're at the point yet where there has to be some definitive judgment passed on Google Glass like there was netbooks or (eventually, but not quite yet) Microsoft's tablet PCs, which I still like the idea of, even if the execution isn't there.

That's enough for now. See you from the ground in Vegas.

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You frozen down there too phil? Up here in the chesapeke bay area, we are quite frozen.

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npco543 says:

Got 'ya beat. It was just 10 below here in upstate NY. I'd give anything for a trip to "chilly" Atlanta!

Indeed,sir you do. It is 29 up here.

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eahinrichsen says:

It's a balmy 34 here in Philly. Time to break out the t-shirts.

NoNexus says:

Dint know you were in Philly, Harrisburg here... Fark party!

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drokssilva says:

70 In Cali! Hahaha

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a.crews says:

Super cold in upstate wife and i just made the 19hr trip back to nebraska..witch is also cold.

judasmachine says:

I'm in Lincoln, myself. I'm dreaming of my flight on the 13th to Texas.

JFMobile says:

Does Google buying Timely have anything to do with a Google Smart Watch??

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Come to Austin we have upper 40s

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Have fun!! I can't wait for all of the awesome coverage you guys are gonna bring us!! You guys rock!!

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plunder says:

It makes me wonder how many hours and miles the AC team will need just to get there! There must be moments when you want to say "Beam us down now Scotty."

These monster events seems a bit dated in light of the subject matter.

Alex and I needed about 5200 miles and 10 hours to get to Vegas yesterday. Then we hit U.S. immigration....:/



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ajpri says:

Have a safe flight!
Looking forward to CES 2014!

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FortTech101 says:

Yay! Atlanta!

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net62957 says:

67 degrees here in Myrtle Beach. Got 18 holes in this morning. Yawn!

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droid5 says:

It's coming, I live 30 miles sw of Atlanta and it will 4 degrees here Monday morning.


Yeah, I think the Midwest and many parts of the South are getting hit with the same cold front.

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net62957 says:

Of course the high Tuesday is forecasted to be 37. Yuk!

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The high for Milwaukee, tomorrow, is forecasted to be - 9, with a wind chill factor of - 40. So, no, I don't feel sorry for you, lol.

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ceriem says:

Hopefully I'll make my connection in ATL. I'm currently awaiting my delayed flight there.

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speculatrix says:

I flew Phoenix via Atlanta to London a couple of months ago, and found Atlanta to be very pleasant. There was even free Wi-Fi leaking from one of the club lounges into the terminal my flight was leaving from.
I'd happily fly via ATL again.

bevcraw says:

I had a chance to see the International Terminal in Atlanta a couple of months ago on my way to Ireland. I agree that it is beautiful and I had a nice meal there too (a low country restaurant, but I forgot the name.) Looking forward to all the news from CES.

jaltman says:

E and F are much newer than T through D, E being the 'old' new Int'l concourse and F being the new new Int'l one. We have a saying round here that, when you die, whether you go to heaven or you go to hell, you have to change planes in Atlanta.

43 and light drizzle at this moment.

twolastnames says:

Hey Phil, why aren't you guys going all hipster and gonna report on stuff via telegram like some other site that will not be named. Just kidding. I'm sure CES is more fun for us on the other side than for you guys. Good luck my man.

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ahutchga1972 says:

Expected to drop from 55 in Savannah to 17 tonight, just in time to head back to work tomorrow.

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wsmather says:

"But I don't think we're at the point yet where there has to be some definitive judgment passed on Google Glass like there was netbooks..."

Speaking of the negative judgement passed on netbooks, I've noted the recent surging popularity of Chromebooks with interest. They are themselves basically a netbook. I've got a refurbished Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook running Linux Mint 15 Mate very well indeed. Easy to set up, and it does everything a Chromebook can, for much less money, with the added bonus of a complete linux operating system for other purposes if desired.