HTC Rezound

Have a hankering for some Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Rezound? Patience, folks, as Verizon's not pushing it just yet, but an early and very much unofficial build has been leaked to the folks at Android Police, who have in turn made it available to everyone.

You'll need to be on a stock bootloader -- HTC's unlocked bootloader won't work -- and you need to remember that this is likely to differ from what eventually gets pushed out. (When the official version will hit is still anyone's guess -- Verizon hasn't yet said.) So long as you're cool with that, hit the link below and get to flashing.

Source: Android Police

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84guy says:

wish sprint would leak the evo 3ds ics :(

crxssi says:

Yeah, it is a really frustrating wait. And wait. And wait.

crxssi says:

Off topic: Get a load of the scratches on that lens in the photo, above! Wow. I still don't understand why HTC insists on having their cameras stick out *further* than the rest of the case.

hoosiercub says:

Looks more like a wicked reflection than scratches. My dinc is still scratchless and it's spent the majority of its life naked.

crxssi says:

Yeah, I suppose it could be strange smears. But really, I have seen HTC's with for-sure-real scratches due to the camera being a protruding lump and just do not understand their design specs for doing that.

Luckily it hasn't happened to any of mine, but I am OCD careful...

What's the difference between this and the previous leak?

IAmSixNine says:

@crxssi you beat me to it. As soon as the picture loaded up that was the first thing i noticed, WOW look at the scratches on the camera lens..

Rob White says:

Seeing as how I'm now the happy owner of a Rezound (so long Droid X2), this is good news for me.

And yes it was a tough decision getting this over the Galaxy Nexus. But I need a decent camera with my phone & the G Nex just didn't deliver.

vinny jr says:

The Rezound is a great phone. I have had it for about 6 weeks and it is the first phone I have not rooted and flashed a custom rom. The stock version right out of the box is that good. The signal strength and radios are much stronger then any other Verizon phone, I have had them all. Get the 2700 battery and what I have is the TPU case without the back on it. It basicly covers the outside edges and doesn't add any bulk to the phone. It's just a great phone.
PS - They just found the way for S-Off on the Rezound, being a hacker at heart this is big news for Rezound owners.

japhule says:

The ring around the lens protrudes slightly from the lens. Those aren't scratches, they're just smears. Rub your finger over your lens and you'll get the same effect.

hev0071 says:

Will this prevent the official ota from reaching my phone?

Murph5150 says:

I hope this means the official update is near.

dhyamato says:

Wondering if any RIL info can be extracted to help create a ROM for the TBolt?

tayswg20 says:


RomRipper says:


Pretty avvesome it makes the UI look just like the back of the phone. Great optical illusion.

My w key is broken.

DC TGN says:

what version of sense is on this?

Nev says:

Out of the box it runs 3.5. I don't see why they wouldn't upgrade to 4.0 with that processor. Dual core 1.5 ought to run it just fine, I would think.

KSDroid01 says:

Other sites are claiming the leaked build for ICS on Rezound is based on Sense 3.6. This thrills me, because the leaked builds that I have seen for Sense 4.0 are cartoonish and the icons are very graphically simple. I only have had my Rezound for four months but I am still in love with the graphic richness and detail of 3.5 and was dreading going to ICS because of this.

So far this thing sounds like it's pretty stable, and it's a release candidate versus a leak with a half functioning kernel. Once the initial buzz, and chaos settle's down; I'll flash it and give some of the new rom bases a try.

nickmiller71 says:

Sense 3.6? Yuck.