Itsy Bitsy Spider

The developer of one of our favorite Android kids apps is backing, bringing its version of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Android smartphones and tablets. Like its previous title, Wheels on the Bus, your kid taps its way through the app, with plenty of creatures and characters to interact with while learning the song.

In this case, the Itsy Bitsy Spider's working his way up the drain, in the rain, back down the spout again, and all that jazz. But it's got some friends along for the ride, and things get a little ... interesting when the snail turns into a banana, and a Nyan Cat sort-of-looking thing slides down the rainbow.

For just $1.99, it's good for the kid, and weird enough to keep the parents amused. Hit the break for download links.

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There are 8 comments

migespy says:

All I get out of this post is that it's a picture of the Galaxy Nexus. This is getting ridiculous. I'm getting flash backs from the Bionic launch. It's amazing how much I wan't something that I really don't need at all.

That phone seems familiar... Something only North America is missing out on.

orlanka says:

I thought it was a miniature honeycomb tablet, no?

zacisblack says:

I don't care about the game...bring me the Galaxy Nexus!!!

Mathparadice says:

Better than that racist game angry birds, I mean come on for centuries birds were happy, then we get a black president, and they're suddenly angry, and look at how they crash into low income housing with impunity.

Just a Guy says:

$1.99 for this app!? I think I'll stick with Kid Mode by Zoodles for my son since it's free and has a ton of games and videos

Angela7F says:

Seems adults are more comfortable to make trippy games for kids than for adults.
cupig is a pretty good game for kids too. its good design and quality of puzzle, challenging and FREE.

lavonneshi says:

This is one of the very best apps for toddlers. My great granddaughter, 16 months, absolutely loves this game. She plays it over and over. It is fantastic. I have it for my iPhone and iPad and am very happy it is now available for Android! Hurray!!!