Back in November we were told the dual-booting Windows 7 / Android tablet would be shipping come Q1 2011 and Viewsonic today has made that happen. Just in case you need a refresher on specs, what you'll be getting yourself into with the ViewPad 10 is:

  • 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor
  • 2GB of memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 1.3 megapixel built-in front camera
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Android 1.6 and either Windows 7 Home Premium (with a 16GB SSD hard drive) or Windows 7 Professional (with a 32GB SSD hard drive) for respective ESPs of $599 and $679.

Not so sure how well Android 1.6 is going to fare in the days of the Motorola Xoom but if you're looking for the full press release from Viewsonic, you'll find it behind the break. [MarketWire]

ViewSonic Delivers the Best of Both Worlds With Immediate Availability of Its ViewPad® 10 Tablet

10.1" Dual-Boot Tablet Brings to Customers a New Level of Convenience

WALNUT, CA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced North American availability of the ViewPad 10. Giving users a choice between Windows® 7 and Google Android™ within the same device, this 10.1" dual-boot tablet is ideal for maximizing business productivity alongside entertainment.

"The lines of professional and personal life are blurring, which creates a need for devices that are suited for both sides," said Adam Hanin, vice president of marketing for ViewSonic Americas. "The ViewPad 10 delivers just that by enabling users to merge business productivity with personal enjoyment anywhere, anytime. We are proud of our 10-year tablet history and are dedicated to further extending our tablet product portfolio to meet every individual need."

Packed with a high speed Intel® Atom™ 1.66GHz processor and integrated 2GB of memory, the ViewPad 10 is a powerhouse of mobile computing. Built with a 1024x600 panel with LED backlight technology partnered with capacitive multi-touch functionality, the device provides a crystal clear viewing experience, even when multitasking across several applications.

The ViewPad 10 enables consumers to take Windows on the road, allowing access to Flash-based content and programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat, wherever they are. Plus social media applications like Facebook and Twitter, sharing photos and surfing the Web through Google's Android 1.6 platform are only a switch away, making this device the perfect companion for those looking to work, play and share on the go. Throw in the built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 1.3 megapixel built-in front camera, the ViewPad 10 is fully optimized to keep users connected.

To ensure the ViewPad 10 grows with each person's individual needs, the device offers expandable memory options via a micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of additional space. The dual-boot ViewPad 10 is now available -- with Android 1.6 and either Windows 7 Home Premium (with a 16GB SSD hard drive) or Windows 7 Professional (with a 32GB SSD hard drive) for respective ESPs of $599 and $679.

For more information on ViewSonic's products, please visit or follow ViewSonic on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About ViewSonic
ViewSonic® Corporation is a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions. ViewSonic develops, markets and supports a broad range of innovative products, including LCD TVs, computers, LCD monitors, projectors, digital photo frames, digital signage displays and digital media players. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corporation at 800.888.8583 or 909.444.8888; or visit 


Reader comments

Dual-booting Android / Windows 7 ViewPad 10 from Viewsonic now shipping


Make it Android and OSX and i'll pay anything for it!
One can dream......... *sigh*

And whats up with Android 1.6? WTF!?!?!

holy crap yeah, the specs sound great, price not bad at all, IF It had at least Android 2.1!! if it can be rooted and I can put whatever I want on it... it's a very interesting device, especially for having at work for testing stuff!

So 2 OSes that aren't for tablets, and more expensive than iPad. Not sure why they even bother, but good luck with that.

Android 1.6 is an insult. Why do companies think they can get away with nonsense like that? Why don't they load it with Windows 98 for crying out loud!

My brother in-law had this tab for a month now. I went with him to J&R music world here in new york and I must say this thing is nice on the windows 7 side he watch Netflix all the time and has google chrome and on the android side it's a little weak cause of the 1.6 but laggy it just don't have the android market but other then that its a great tab I'm thinking about picking me up one this week.

A developer was working on a froyo version for the viewpad a couple of months ago: Unfortunately it seems that the project is discontinued. Edit: I saw that there's a stable 2.2 version released in January

I used the viewpad some time ago. Android 1.6 on the intel atom processor was absolutely the most fastest Android implementation I've ever seen (seemed also faster than the new dual core processors). But 1.6 was seriously limited. Windows 7 was nice, but the battery life was terrible.
Returned it in the end, and got a Galaxy Tab instead :)

Yea, the Atom is actually a really great CPU for it's intended purpose. I have an Atom 330 (dual core 1.6ghz) system running full Ubuntu 10.04, and it's awesome. I've even installed Windows XP inside VirtualBox *running on Ubuntu*, and it too runs fine. Amazing for such a low-level CPU.

Crappy crappy crappy!!!!

An Atom processor will use TONS more power and generate TONS more heat than an ARM processor. This means low battery life, and having fans.

No thanks! You can keep your Atom/MS-Windowsy thing. Both are completely contrary to a good tablet experience.

Windows with Android, what are they thinking. Would rather be eaten alive by giant ants than having this piece of poo.