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Might the wait for the Droid X to officially get Android 2.2 finally be over? Verizon has updated its update pdf (which you see here), so we may finally (finally!) be close, folks.

There's nothing too terribly surprising in the documentation -- Adobe Flash Player 10.1, screen rotation, automatic app updates -- the usual stuff for Froyo. But there also are improvements to the data connection and 3G mobile hotspot, as well as Verizon's visual voice mail.

So hang in there, folks. Can't be long now (yeah, we actually just said that out loud). In the meantime, swing by the Droid X Froyo update waiting room to see who gets it first. [Verizon via cron912 in the Android Central Forums]

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Mashing update....still nothing....anyone had luck?

racinwarrior says:

i have a boner

quiverskeep says:

Ahh... classy guy there. NOT

kdkinc says:

How about a contest ???
First one with proof of 2.2 OTA gets a swell tee shirt and hat.

thebizz says:

Hasn't this already been leaked

JagoX says:

Twice...which tells you that the leaks aren't the final version & that always tells you that those leaked versions probably aren't probably optimized.

Evo2DroidX says:

I need to know when the developers get their hands on this! That way I can download it to my rooted X, is this the same as the last leaked ota?

thebizz says:

This has been leaked for the d2 and dx you can head over to to get it. The rom has been deodexed but its fine

green says:

But it's just a leak. It's not the official, finished build. I've been running the leak on my X since it came out and although it's nice, I can tell it's not finished. I'm glad Verizon makes sure updates are running well before they send them out.

quiverskeep says:

So would this be a good time to unroot?

tucker973 says:

I'd love to know if the multiple gmail account bug is present in this build... hopefully it'll come out soon and we can hear from the intrepid early adopters :)

moises1204 says:

i am beginning to think us Samsung galaxy s user are going to be screw by Samsung again, they just do not do any updates, look no fix on the gps issue yet the phone came out before droid x and no 2.2 froyo yet i think galaxy s user made a mistake by trusting Samsung again.

thebizz says:

Hmm odd comment especially when samsung has nothing to do with this post. Samsung 2.2 leaks are already out their. I am willing to bet the sgs line will get Froyo it would cost them way to much not to. And the gps bug could be due to them having to switch their location services back to google but what do I know im an average joe

vbwake19 says:

Just went back back to 2.1, this news better be legit. I was lovin froyo and flash

Not holding my breath. Will see. Would be nice though.

Clemsonpablo says:

That pdf has been up for about a week. Yawn

Wonder what new bloat ware will be included? Bing? And what does better visual voice mail mean? Six bucks A month instead of three? I use google voice so... Just over it at this point, maybe exited a few weeks ago, but now its more like "about gdam time". Not bitter, just underwhelmed by motorizon.

Anyone know if froyo speeds up the app drawer? It is frustratingly laggy on 2.1

green says:

I think it does. The stock app drawer doesn't seem laggy on leaked 2.2. But if anything, download LauncherPro or ADW Launcher from the market. You won't be sorry.

Scott12 says:

If I rooted my DX, but didn't install the leaked 2.2, will I still get the ota? Or do I have to unroot?

green says:

I just want the OTA because it's the official build. There are quite a few bugs with the leaked version I've been running.

cea1203 says:

Yep !! Tomorrow at 12 pm !!! Froyo for the Droid X !!!!

My update is downloading ^_^

geeforce1 says:

mine is installing now...I hope I can go back to root.