A little security bug apparently is plaguing the the Motorola Droid 2. Tipped off to the lads at BGR, the bug allows anyone to activate Google's Voice Action feature when the phone is locked with a security passcode. While holding the search icon (the little magnifying glass), users can essentially bypass the security screen and tell the phone to dial a number, or any of the other commands. All this is done without any visual cues or audio cues.  We're not on red alert here, but it's something that should be fixed. Make the jump to see it in video form. [Boy Genius Report]

Update: Kellex over at Droid-Life shows us that this happens exactly the same on the Droid X, even when running custom ROMs on either phone.  He's whipped up another great video showing all the ugly action.  Be sure to check it out. [Droid-Life]


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Smokexz says:

Lol fail

ShaneOryan says:


this isnt even a big deal... who the heck goes around worried about people making calls from thier phone... even then there is a .0001% chance of people knowing this bug

afazel says:

Sounds familiar: http://www.androidcentral.com/security-flaw-found-motorola-droid

unseenme#WN says:

what about the X? Can anyone test this on it? (my X is en route)

jebrand says:

Yep this works on droid x also...

J T M says:

It sure does.

moosc says:

Just don't leave your X alone or out of your sight.

Damm that sucks for the droid 2 and droid X. Glad I have a Epic 4g.

rijc99#WN says:

iPhone is the same way. The voice control feature allows you to call anyone you want even if the phone is locked by a password.

Ytown says:

Not a big deal.

schizrade says:

Well if keeping it FAR away from enterprise is not a big deal, then you are right.

droidianslip says: