Check the back of your Sprint HTC Hero, does it say 'with Google' or 'HTC'? Our version simply says, 'HTC' but some users on the Sprint Users forum are reporting that they have the 'with Google' branding (like the picture above). Some pictures of the box also shows the 'with Google' branding which strikes us as odd considering earlier reports indicated that HTC Sense would not available on 'with Google' aka Google experience phones.

No one really knows why there is 'with Google' branding on the HTC Hero but there are a couple user theories floating around. Some users are postulating that Hero's without Google branding were manufactured earlier and those with the 'with Google' branding were added later (this makes the most sense). Some users are even saying that those without Google branding are stuck with EV-DO Rev. 0 and those with Google have EV-DO Rev. A. Rev A has slightly faster download speeds and significantly faster upload speeds than Rev 0. The HTC Hero was marketed with EV-DO Rev. A.

To check when your Hero was manufactured, open up the dialer and punch in ##786# to get Reverse Logistics open and scroll down to the Manufacturer's Date. The date will be listed in the d/m/y format. To see which EV-DO you're connected to go to Settings > About Phone > Status > Mobile Network Type. We're not certain there's an actual difference between Hero's branded as 'with Google' and those without but if we're all using EV-DO Rev. 0, that's alarming.

Our Hero at Android Central does not have the 'with Google' logo, was manufactured on 4/9/2009 (Sept. 4, 2009), and currently reads EV-DO Rev. 0.

What about yours?

Update: According to Sprint, the Rev. 0 issue is a mere visual display bug. Even though your Hero says you're connected to EV-DO Rev. 0 and only EV-DO Rev. 0, if you live in an EV-DO Rev. A area, you'll be connected to that Rev. A network no matter what the phone says. We'll have to take their word for it and hope this visual display bug gets fixed in the future!

a big thanks to Andrew Starr & tom for the tip and the Sprint Users forum for the info!


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Does Your Sprint HTC Hero Have a 'with Google' Logo ?


You Guys and Gals are what most people call "early adopters" and this is simply part of the deal. Not only are you now the proud owners of a very top flight handset, you are also "unofficial beta testers" for people like me who may purchase this phone later down the road with Donut 1.6 & Rev A a few weeks or even a month from now. Congrats to you all, now stop bitching and get to testing:)

early adopters. wtf. theres arent even real problems, and by that time when you can "get donut 1.6" ill have the next best phone.

Well my Hero was manufactured on 4/11/2009 (Nov. 4,2009). It does have the with Google logo on the back but under Mobile network type it reads CDMA-1xRTT. I am new to all this but doesn't seem to be O or A?

Got my Hero today...very cool. Manufactured 9/10/2009 with EV-DO Rev.0. Mine does NOT have the Google logo on it.

The auto rotate will improve about 85% once you get the Donut update.
Hows the battery life so far? i have the MyTouch 3G and after the update i got about 40% more battery life, a smoothe web browser, and the auto rotate was dramastically inproved!

I bought:
with Google
Manufactured 26/9/09
EV-DO Rev. 0
Android 1.5 Donut

I thought I was paying for:
EV-DO Rev. A
Android 1.6 Cupcake

The Hero has until the Moment hits Sprint to get up to date. Sprint has until November 9th to give me a good Android experience. Auto-rotate seems to hang in some apps, hope that gets fixed. I'll never go back to WinMo though!

Mine was manufactured 9/18/2009. Does not have the 'with Google' logo. Currently roaming at home but will post later with what version I'm running.

Mine has no Google branding and is evdo rev 0. I can tell that data is slower than on my HTC touch. This phone is definitely going back.

same bought mine at Best buy on Friday...

manf. date 16/9/2009 os. 1.5 EVDO rev.0

This is really alarming I hope we hear a real answer from Sprint so I know if I need to exchange my phone before the 30 days are up.

browser is faster than my Blackberry tour which I thought was EVDO rev. A it just maybe the browser on the Berry.

same bought mine at Best buy on Friday...

manf. date 16/9/2009 os. 1.5 EVDO rev.0 No with Google logo

This is really alarming I hope we hear a real answer from Sprint so I know if I need to exchange my phone before the 30 days are up.

browser is faster than my Blackberry tour which I thought was EVDO rev. A it just maybe the browser on the Berry.

9/18/09, no google logo, rev 0, Best Buy, in the conservatory doing it to Ms. Plum even as we speak

Bought mine at Best Buy today:

DOES have the "with Google" branding
EV-DO rev. 0
OS is 1.5
Manuf. date is 26/9/2009

Also noticed some lag on the auto-rotate as someone already mentioned.

This is crazy. Just checked mine

Manufactured: 10/9/09
No With Google on back
EVDO rev 0

Purchased mine Friday at Best Buy.

Have noticed that data/browsing speeds are WAY slower than my palm pre.

Bought 2 at the Best Buy in Portsmouth NH. Both no google branding and showing Rev. 0 EV-DO 9/9/2009 1.04.01 firmware, hardware version 0002.
PRL 60654
I am a little bit upset about this. Hmmm moment

Got mine in sprint store Friday...


No Google

Rev0 sitting 2 blocks from a tower that has always got Rev A before

purchased my hero on friday. it's running Rev. 0, while my piece of xxxx touch pro is running Rev. A, and is much faster. I notice a huge difference. went back to the sprint store where i purchased, the rep didn't know anything about Rev. 0, i checked her Hero and she too was stuck in Rev 0 mode. my phone has a manufacture date of 9-23-2009, and it doesn't say google on the back....spoke to HTC briefly, they didn't know anything about it, but did say it needed to be addressed by google, not them or there you have it - i'm pretty pissed off about it...Sprint finally gets a great phone, and screw up the launch - should have known.

Mfg 9-25-09
No "With Google"

Rev.0 most of the time, but occasionally switches to 1XRTT (Out in the middle of bum-f Iowa, though.)

I was able to play around with a sprint hero in mid Sept and they all had "with Google" on them so I am assuming they are actually the early units that have the Google branding.

I got mine at bestbuy on Friday, HTC branded, manufactured 10/9/09, evdo rev 0. All in all, I love this device. It's been laggy at points, but I like it more than my blackberry bold. It's good enough for me and ill just wait for updates

I don't think the WiFi is working on the phones either....not only do i have Rev. 0, but i cannot get the phone to pick up any of my local wifi signals....anyone else having the same issues?

My WiFi is not working either...took me a little while to realize because i was so wrapped up in my Rev. 0 issue....

Yo the browser on my hero takes forever to load. Even on wifi, they need to come out with an update quick. I left the palm pre, and to tell u the truth i had no problems with that. Anyways, as of right now i am on 1xrtt. Thats pretty bad cuz im out here in the poconos for the weekend. So currently i am typing from my ipod touch. I am so disappointed. They should have just got this right the first time

Ordered my Hero over the phone from Sprint Rep.

Mine has with Google on the back.
Manufacturers Date is 9/27/2009
rev A

Why would post this when it's been cleared by Sprint reps?

The Hero is Rev A. When you go to Setting > About Phone > Status under Mobile Network it gives you what you're currently running. So, if you're in an area that doesn't have Rev A you'll see Rev 0, basically it's a live network status.

At home my "with Google" Hero shows Rev 0 at work it shows Rev A, that's because my home area doesn't have Rev A yet.

I purchased mine on 11 Oct 2009 in a Sprint store. Te manufacture date is 23 Sep 09, EVDO Rev. 0 and no Google logo.

I bought mine on Friday at Best Buy thanks to the early presale.

Mine was manufactured on 9/9/09, has OS version 1.5, EVDO Rev.0, and has no Google logo.

Unfortunately for me Sprint does not have the greatest coverage in my neighborhood and I'm only getting 1 bar in my home. Looks like I'll be cancelling my service and returning the Hero towards the end of the 30 day remorse period.

I'm going to go back to T-Mobile. Cliq, Behold II, or any other Android devices we know of that are coming out for T-Mobile?

I purchased two Hero's from BestBuy in SoCal Friday and both of them were manufactured on 9/10/09 and have EVDO Rev.0 with NO Google logo on the backs.

I certainly hope that 1.6 fixes some of the Battery issues, as of now I love the phone but it will be going back on day 29 if this thing does not get some serious updates.

Battery Life SUCKS as of now!

NO Google branding.
OS version: 1.5
Software version: 1.29.651.1
Firmware version: 1.04.01
Hardware version: 0002
Manufacture date: 9/16/2009.
Mobile network type: CDMA - EvDO rev. 0

Looks like 9/26/09 was when the Google branding started. Mine is 9/25/09 and only has HTC, but all the people above with 9/26/09 have the Google branding.

I have the G1 which from what I have been reading over the last month you can load the Hero rom onto the G1, I have not done this yet because I see there are some performance issues with it and dont feel like fooling with it right now cause I am sure I will just go back to the cupcake.

My hero rated a 1100 download on speedtest while saying rev 0 couldn't be ppassible unless rev a. Not to mention the only phone I've been able to run an online speedtest.

I just got a tweet from HTC ....... "In case your worried, Hero on Sprint is fully capable of Rev A speeds. The status currently reads Rev 0 whether or not its on Rev A"

Everyone, be aware... your Wi-fi does work. However, depending on how your router is set-up, depends on whether or not you can detect and connect to it. I have called Sprint Advanced Technical Support and have informed them how to instruct fellow Sprint customers.

1st, if you secure your router via WPA2(AES) or WPA(TKIP)+WPA2(AES), you Hero will not detect the network.

So, you either have to "unsecure" your network, which for me is not a solution, or you have to use "WPA-PSK (TKIP)" Again, the TKIP works with the Hero, but AES does not.

As soon as I switched to TKIP, my phone detected it and worked perfectly. However, please be aware, that while you are on Wi-Fi, you can not send of receive MMS (Picture Mail), nor can you access any of the Sprint Apps: NFL Mobile, Nascar, Sprint TV, etc. They require data connection via EVDO.

Hope this helps someone out there!


The REV O / REV A issue (according to : "Update: We just heard directly from HTC about this snafu, and as it turns out, the message that Sprint Hero users are seeing is merely a mislabeling. If you're within an EV-DO Rev. A area, you'll get Rev. A speeds -- despite that fact that your phone says it's only on Rev. 0. We're also told that a future maintenance release will address the message."

My First phone no google brand made18/09/09 and Rev O changed it today and has a google brand made 3/10/09 and Rev A

I have the sprint version i got on the 13th from Sprint. Made as seen in the phone as 1/10/09 (so im guessing its Oct 1?) w/google on the back. Running Rev A. i have the 1.5 version. But i thought that sprint's version was suppose to be 1.6. Anyone know the answer? please....

Very interesting how some people have a Hero that was made after mine and have no Google on back and Rev. 0

Mine was made Sept. 5th 2009 with Rev. A with Google

mine has rev a and o and my phone came with a camera! :0 speed test = 504kbit/sec...

I would just like to say that I have a sprint HTC Hero, it says withGOOGLE on the back and it also has the HTC sense

Got mines when it first came out and I was very disappointed.
My 1st Hero got a dead pixel on the middle of the screen.
After returning it 2nd day, I got my 2nd Hero and also had a dead pixel on the middle screen.
I went to 2 Hero's and both had dead pixel and no Google logo on the back.
My 3rd one has no dead pixel and I also noticed the difference when watching Sprint TV.
I now have the "GOOGLE" logo and Manuf: 29/9/2009 and Rev. A. I didn't look what manuf/rev. it had on my previous hero's but I would assume it's a Rev.0.

Now...I am experiencing a squeek whenever I press the back arrow or the search button, sounds like it's going to come off or something....
I don't like the way these so called buttons are made...

I am also thinking of trading this one in and get the Touch Pro 2 instead...

What do you think...

So when i got my htc hero as well from sprint i noticed a few dead pixels, but never took it back bc i didnt think they would give me another one. Ive had it for 30 days, so can i still get one from sprint or htc?

I purchased mine in october, and it had no logo, unfortunatley it was stolen, now that i received my replacement phone it now has the logo, and i noticed it does download faster, pictures and apps dont take a long time to down load where before it took forever

Build date 12-15-09. Says "with Google" on the back. OS 1.5, EV-DO Rev. A, purchased at BB Jan '10. Wi-Fi works fine.

I got my HTC Hero with google in october of 09 and have been dying for this update. I have a rooted phone, so it took me a good 5 hours to find the right rom to flash, but I did it, and you can really tell that the Rev 0 issue was slowing things down SUBSTANTIALLY. I have everything set up, it runs apps and the battery life is great. I listened to 3 hours of grooveshark while running all of my other apps and was only at 1/2 Battery afterwards. For those of you thinking of selling your Hero, I'm telling you, it would be a horrible mistake, because the system is flawless on so many levels. It was MORE than worth the wait to wait 1/2 a year for an update. Especially in paying the price I paid and knowing all of the features that I have at my disposal- wifi tether, mobile connection tether, all of the htc sensors, etc. This thing makes me more productive than I've ever been in my life. Fantastic! Best of all, the memory usage is way down! Even if you have tons of apps open, it doesn't really slow down the interface (which was a huge problem before). For those of you hoping that the camera was fixed, it's not. I think it's been optimized, but this is more of a hardware capability issue, not software related. Also Ubuntu Karmic is the system of choice. I think it's so awesome that I have cut all ties with associated microsoft costs, and I only pay 70$ per month for unlimited everything. Sprint is easily the best provider. Keep your Hero's-- don't sell!!