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Sat down (erm, stood up) at Google IO with our pals from Dataviz to take a look at Docs to Go version 3.0. We got a glimpse of it at Mobile World Congress in February, but now it's ready for public consumption, though it won't be available in the Android Market for a few more weeks. And if you're looking for an easy method of syncing your important documents between your computer and phone, this is it. Check it out.

Update: Good news, everybody. Dataviz tells us the update will be free. Quoting: "Documents To Go version 3.0, including the new desktop sync application, will be a free upgrade for all customers who previously purchased our full version. Hopefully that news will make our customers and your readers very happy!" Indeed, it does.


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Docs to Go version 3.0 [#io2010]


True, but I'm still a little upset about how they handled the issue with palm customers.

the actual paid version of docs2go is no longer in the market either. So hopefully this comes soon because I paid for the full version and now I can't even DL it >.<

Does anyone know of a product out there that has Google docs sync capabilities, or even just the option to open a document sored on Google docs? That is what I am really looking for. i purchased the full version of docs to go back in October, and while it is great for viewing and editing files tat other send to me, I use Google docs exclusively and would really like a way to access form my device.


Docs To Go only supports the VERY WEAK AND EASILY CRACKED Office 97/2003 Encryption/Passwords!

come on! it's 2010!

I contacted the company last week with exactly this question. The person I contacted e-mailed me back and said "That's up to marketing." So apparently the person who received my message couldn't be bothered to call the marketing department and get the answer to my question.

I paid the early-adopter premium on this app, and have watched as they run frequent 50% off sales since. If I now have to pay *again*, I'm going to drop the app just on the principle of the thing.

I saw another video where someone interviewed the rep at Google I/O and he said he was unsure if they would charge people for the upgrade if they had already purchased 2.0. He said if there was a charge it would be negligible, but he didn't think there would be.

I'm not sure how they would put out a new product without deciding or communication to their reps what it would cost to upgrade.

Press release from 18th of May says that it will be a free upgrade, however the desktop client maybe sold at an additional cost.

I love Docs2Go! I bought the full version and use it often and it handles my needs very well. Look forward to 3.0.

I saw it in the Market when it first came out at $29.99 and considered it then. Then I was lucky enough to hit it during their $9.99 sale. We've been using it since the old Palm OS back on Handspring. @Blayze04, didn't you D/L it when you bought it? Hopefully, they pulled it to prepare for the release of 3.0. I'd contact Dataviz customer service if I were you. They've always been helpful to me.