Discuss the HTC One

Unless you're living under a rock you've probably been all over the HTC One announcement from earlier today. Phil, Anndrew and Alex were busy live blogging the events in NYC and London earlier… and they've even put together an HTC One hands-on, and HTC One Guide. It's all solid stuff.

With all that goodness to digest, chances are you'll want to hop into the forums to discuss the new device, the camera, HTC Sense 5 (I could go on and on).

Pop over to the HTC One Forum and get your discussion on. Do it. Now! :)

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A14dex says:

This needs to come to Verizon quick! The DNA is nice but this just is a work of art. If HTC wants to be big they hsve to release this on Americas biggest network.

Theirs suppose to be a DNA successor so I bet that will be on Verizon.

tr-1 says:

The hardware Home/Back button and no multitasking button (all locations are screwed up) killed this phone for me. There's no way I will buy this to go with my N7 and N10. I don't want to get frustrated with muscle memory.

Who needs the forum when the entire front page of AC is dedicated to it?