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A report by Appcelerator published today shows that even though developers are very interested in working with iOS, interest in Android, especially Android tablets, is soaring.  62 percent of those surveyed said they would like to develop apps for Android tablets even though none have been released yet.  Also interesting is the fact that the numbers for Android smartphones remains as high as ever, with 81 percent of developers showing interest.  This is great news all around, as healthy competition among tech products benefits the consumer more than anyone.  Check out the source link to see all the tables and charts, but the bottom line as put by Appcelerator sums it up nicely -- "Apple and Google are now playing chess while everyone else plays catch up." [CNNMoney]



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Developer interest in Android tablets is huge, even though none exist yet


If those tablets all have snapdragon processors, we can probably expect better games for the Evo, Inc, and N1.

Change what? I don't like changing phones a lot... especially with the changing fee that carriers impose on customers.

I would get the new Samsung Galaxy coming to Sprint if it didn't have a keyboard and wasn't running an iphone wannabe skin.

I'm cornfused. I can go to Amazon and find Android tablets. Granted they slow and using the old Android version but they exist. I even found one in Best Buy.

KIRF! lmao
A real tablet, not a cheap knockoff trying to look like an ipad and with Google's blessing, yes please.

Camangi and Archos have tablets out, and what about the E-Readers that have hit the market? Surely you don't consider Archos to be a manufacturer of KIRFs?

Barnes and Noble, Dell, Enso, Pandigital, Malata, Huawei, Ramos... the list of companies goes on. You can't just say there are no tablets, you should definitely put the qualifier that there are no *mature* tablets :)