HTC One M8

Heads up, folks! You can now order "developer" and "unlocked" versions of the HTC One M8. Both run $649. You can get the SIM-unlocked model in gunmetal gray (the sweet brushed finish), silver or gold. The developer version comes in gray or gold. Overnight shipping is currently free, but they won't actually ship for a week or two.

Why would want either of these models? For one, they lack the carrier bloatware that you'll get from Sprint or AT&T or Verizon or T-Mobile. That's good if you like things lean. The developer version makes it easy to unlock the bootloader. And the SIM-unlocked model is, well, SIM-unlocked, making it easier to work on multiple networks.

And speaking of networks, HTC has confirmed to us that the developer and unlocked versions are based off the AT&T SKU, meaning the bands line up in the following manner:

  • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 3G WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz with HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps
  • 4G LTE: 700/850/AWS/1800/1900/2600 MHz

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Developer and unlocked HTC One M8 ready to order


This might be a noob question but is the developer edition unlocked as well? I would assume it is because it isn't tied to a carrier but being that they offer both developer and unlocked I am questioning it.. thanks

There is no carrier indication for dev edition for this phone, so it is unlocked. This may not be true for all phones, such as the Moto X which has a Verizon developer edition (although the GSM side for Verizon phones are unlocked).

Personally I would go with the Google Play edition and pay $50 more, just so I can type fastboot oem unlock, and not have to deal with the typical unlocking method through HTCDev. But then you don't get Sense (if you really want it). Personally I think they are all overpriced.

Has anyone actually been able to checkout? Been trying but keeps failing when I click proceed after the shopping cart. Same thing as yesterday.

I checked out.. but tried to buy another one and it failed..
update: i bought another one so it is working but when I clicked on htc one m8 the webpage would just go blank and want me to reload.. had to hover over smartphones and then click buy now

Same questions as mine. Wasn't sure if I missed it but didn't see anything regarding what bands it supports (tmo LTE).
And, yeah, seems that developer edition is just unlocked version with bootloader already unlocked. Same size storage and specs as all the other versions... Am I right?

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No mention of the frequency bands that each supports... If it's anything like previous developer, unlocked or GE phones, it'll lack T-Mobile's AWS HSPA bands (1700/2100), which wouldn't be surprising.

The 1700 is being refarmed to 1900 and has been for awhile for tmo to make room for LTE. I don't blame HTC for not supporting a band that is about to disappear.

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Haha "If it's not too much trouble, could we get the 'Jewish' girlfriend experience?"
:schoolboy giggle:
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Is it? Last time around the GPe devices seemed to basically match the unlocked/unsubsidized price of the original model. And this time around the One (M8) is $699 unsubsidized from carriers.

It's just a nice bonus that the Dev Edition is $50 less.

If the M7 is of any indication, it would be easy to convert the unlocked/developer editions to a Google Play Edition. If I wanted a GPe I would buy the unlocked model and convert it later to save some cash.

"Why would want either of these models? For one, they lack the carrier bloatware that you'll get from Sprint or AT&T or Verizon or T-Mobile."

Is that still a thing people care about? What is this, 2010?

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Because 3 minutes after i have the phone all the apps i don't want are disabled and i never have to see them again and i don't care about the 30MB of storage they take up.
Why DO you care about them?

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Why would people stop caring about this? Do you still care if the phone makes phone calls? What is this, the 1870's?

The are plenty of reasons to stop caring about bloatware, and I'm sure once the Internet tells you to stop caring you'll stop caring. I'm just a little ahead of the Internet on this one.

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Well, perhaps you'd care to mention some of these many reasons to stop caring about the bloatware. I can easily mention my position, which comes from my own brain and not the Internet. Smartphones are computers, and computers have finite amounts of RAM and hard drive space. The more programs on the computer/phone, the more hard drive space is used to store them, and the more RAM they use. You will find that the harder these things are taxed, the more sluggish your device will run. Companies like to pay carriers to put ads on your phone in the form of apps, commonly referred to as bloatware. Carriers also like to put their own ads on your phone, in the form of apps. Since these are all ads for services that I(and many others, apparantly) personally don't want or intend to use, I don't like the fact that they make my phone more sluggish, even to a small extent. Since the ads are paid for, however, the carrier won't let you remove them. Thus your device will have less space for what you want, and won't run as well as it could, because someone else has bought and paid for that hard drive and RAM space that is on your phone, even though you bought the phone itself. If you don't mind that, then good for you. But I don't see what has happened since 2010 to make me care less about the ads I don't want taking up resources on my phone. I also don't like looking at them. Now tell me why I shouldn't care anymore.

If you don't see what's happened since 2010 then you need to open your eyes, buddy. Open them and look for the disable button. It takes care of almost everything you complain about. The only thing it doesn't take care of is the storage space. But if you're in that much of a dilemma because of the 30MB it takes up, then you're just doing it wrong.

Disable does take care of some, not all, of what I was talking about. You acknowledge that yourself. And I don't even want the 30MB being taken, which I said earlier. I root and unlock every phone I have owned, and I remove what I don't want so that it's just not there. I'll wager every one of my phones functions better than yours. So I think I know what I'm doing. But clearly if I don't agree with you, I must be doing it wrong. Was the disable button the many reasons not to care that your were talking about?

Hmm... Because I don't like the feeling of someone forcing anything to me that I don't want. I'm nobody's b*tch

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And how exactly are they supposed to know what you do and don't want in a phone? Are you saying that you have a Nexus and you use every single feature on the Nexus? There isn't a single solitary feature, function, setting, or menu option that you don't use anywhere on the phone?

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They tend to mess up the phone somehow. At least that was my experience w Sprint and Verizon. My friends never had issues I did on the same but unlocked phones

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VZW Moto X

I think the developer model should already have the bootloader unlocked, and be rooted.

Posted with my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

That is a major security issue and a company that released a phone like that should be fined for putting consumers at risk, imo.

I kind of agree, it should work like a nexus device. if you have any need to unlock it, it should be easy but still require enough know how that someone who doesn't understand what an unlocked bootloader is can't do it.

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Yes. The way Nexus models are shipped is just fine, and that is how it is (and should be) for dev editions.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

I'm assuming those buying developer editions are into modifying/tweaking, etc. If not, why buy one?

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Hopefully it doesn't sell out by 3:30 when I'll have access to my debit card. I wonder why HTC doesn't accept payment via PayPal or Google Wallet. It's 2014.

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So it's missing one band for T-Mobile's HSPA network then, the 1700 band? Wonder if that affects my area very much.

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FU HTC, cancelled my unlocked version order from Amazon because of missing AWS. Why is it hard? Make a phone with one GSM model which has all the gsm radios (3G/2G/LTE) like the iPhone 5S or Nexus 5. Have one more for CDMA.

Will wait till April 11th for the TMobile version. Grr

uhhh because CDMA has a ton of proprietary aspects. YOU CAN"T make a phone with CDMA for example without working specifically with that CDMA carrier and get permission to used their proprietary software for it to work.

It's HTC that's why

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I agree. They did the same thing with the original One. It kept me from buying it and it will keep me from buying the M8. It's a dumb move since it would be easy to add the 1700mhz bands. Samsung does it on their dev phones.

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Who cares? 1700 has been refarmed to 1900 in a lot of areas for LTE reasons. It's going away. If I was HTC, I wouldn't support 1700 either.

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I wonder who issues update on the Developer versions - seems likely it would be the OEM? I also wonder how timely they have been in the past with updates, compared to the cellular carriers releases?

As time goes on, the OEM's features are looking more and more attractive to me, vs. the barebones Android versions, but I don't want any of the carrier bloat, and extended delays in updates, if I can avoid it. The Developer version just might be a good choice, unless there are some negatives I don't yet know about.

The Developer Edition lists the Snapdragon 800 as the processor instead of the 801. Strange. I wonder if that is just a typo.

I just wished HTC shipped to Mexico. I will need buy the unlocked model on other sites when it becomes available.

Great that HTC finally got back on board the microSD train. But, no way to do wireless charging and no swappable battery == no, thanks.I just invested in some Qi pads and a $7 Qi receiver for my S4 and I feel pretty safe in saying I will never again be spending $100+ on phone-specific charging cradles that get thrown away when that phone model dies or otherwise gets replaced. And I definitely can't see spending a boat load of money on a nice, slim new phone just to double its size with some external Qi charging sleeve or case. I've had my S4 for almost a year now with no case or screen protector and it doesn't have a scratch on it.

People who rationalize having no swappable battery with the old "this lets them make a slimmer phone" argument are especially comical. The S4 is essentially just as slim, and it has a (bigger than the M7) swappable battery. And those same people seem to often be the ones who then double their phone's size with some kind of case. Makes you wonder how important that slimness really is, to justify no swappable battery.

Yeah, but with Samsung you get "KNOX Pox".
I'll pass on getting that infection again. I got it with my S4.

It's true that I would prefer Knox to not be on my phone. But, it has not kept me from accomplishing any task with my phone. Not having a swappable battery would have left my high and dry more than once. Being able to use wireless charging in my vehicle will give me personally a much safer driving experience (no more focusing, even for a second or two, on getting a micro USB plug into that socket on the phone).

In the end, I'll take actual improvements in utility and convenience over theoretical annoyance.

I would go for this if I were going for this device over the GPE. Never know when Google will gimp the support for the sd card where as HTC should support that with sense.
Still happy with my moto x and nexus 5 though!
Sent from my Moto X!

I will definitely pick up the Dev Edition. However, I am going out of town so that I guess I have to wait to get it until I am back =/

Hey so i would like to buy the One here in America because I'm here for a full year. But can I use it in Germany too when I go back?

Or you could wait for an updated HTC OneToolkit to be released on XDA. It's not like the old days, all you have to do is click a few buttons.

So does anyone think it is strange that if you plan on getting the phone for Sprint and check the "no contract" bullet, the phone is $799. But if you get a developer our unlocked phone it is only $649.

I wonder why there is such a price difference? Makes no sense. I can just wait till Sprint has one in the store and then get it for the $649 price.

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So... The Google Play Edition is similar to the T-Mobile variant whereas the unlocked and Dev Editions are AT&T with less bands to fuck T-Mobile customers. Okay... I seriously thought they had learned before.

Yeah it makes no sense. The Google Play Edition supports Tmobile AWS and the Developer and Unlocked does not... Wtf were they thinking?!

Is lacking 1700 MHz/AWS on 3G really that important? I thought T-Mobile refarmed most of its 1900MHz to support 3G.

So rrect me if im wrong. From what i underrstand, the developer version can be rooted but the unlocked version cannot be rooted. is that right?

I'd like to know why the inclusion or exclusion of Beats Audio actually matters.

To answer your question... It does not have Beats but it does have a BoomSound that functions almost identical to the Beats software. Personally, I think it's just Beats software rebranded.

Please tell me if this is right....

There is basically no difference between developer/unlocked and google play editions ONCE they are unlocked...
So if I got a google play edition,
If I wanted sense I could just put a custom rom on it that has sense right?
Or If I got an unlocked edition (with sense) I could just put a google play edition rom on it

I'm thinking the only restriction is S-OFF.
The play edition would be without sense and s-off so you can put any rom on it.
The Dev and unlocked edition are still S-ON, so you cant change bootloader and firmware unless you make it S-OFF first.

Is that correct?

Rookie question here - if I wanted to use this phone on Sprint, would my data/voice connection suffer because it is based on the AT&T SKU? Am I better off buying the Sprint version and unlocking it myself?