Dead Trigger Christmas Update

Dead Trigger is keeping in the holiday spirit of joy and cheer today by bringing a "Merry Christmas" update to its game. You'll continue to kill countless hordes of undead, but now they'll be festive with Santa hats on. This update brings a new North Pole arena, as well as a new boss named "Zanta." There's some holiday-agnostic updates as well, including a new grenade launcher, price discounts on upgrades and new story missions. There have even been some memory optimizations for low-end devices.

We'd venture to say most of us don't normally associate the holidays with killing zombies. But if that happens to be your cup of tea, go grab Dead Trigger at the Google Play link above and get to work.


Reader comments

Dead Trigger 'Merry Christmas' update brings North Pole arena, new boss


Picked up a Nexus 7 for myself, should be here tomorrow or the next day, excited to give this game a try, keep hearing great things.

Bought an IPad Mini about a week ago.. Looks Fan-Fricken-Tastic playing this game.. You will get the all the cool effects with the Tegra-Driven N7 as well.. regular androidy equipment does not get the Cool Water Effects the IPad/Nexus 7 gets.. enjoy!

This is a fun game. The only thing that annoys me, is that when an update is pushed, it downloads the full 160MB. ATT now has a cap on dl and ul at home for me, and I guess for many other customers. They need to work on doing incremental updates. I don't think that they rewrite the entire game every time an update is done.

Looking forward to this update because I just recently purchased some gold for a reasonable price. Now that I'm set up for maximum damage the new levels and boss should be great.